Sunday, June 14, 2009

1. My Elementary School had a quick sex education course that we had to take before we "graduated." The girls were taught how to put a condom on a cucumber. I have no idea what the boys learned. I didn't register what we were being taught until I thought about it again in High School.

2. A childhood friend confessed to me that she wanted to kiss this boy, but she had never kissed someone before so she was afraid to. She asked if we could practice kissing each other in a game she made up called "Make Out Hotel." I started to cry and ran home. We stopped being friends shortly after. Our parents are good friends so I would see her often.

3. I ran into #2 two years ago and she confessed her love for me. She asked if I would have sex with her and her husband for $500. I turned her down.

4. I caught my sister doing sexual things with boyfriends before I knew what sex was. I'd ask her what she was doing and she would tell me flat out she was giving her boyfriend head. A while later, I saw my dog licking himself and exclaimed to my parents that our dog was giving himself head. My sister got in a lot of trouble.

5. I found out what sex actually was was through porn. I was spending the night at a friend's house and whoever was previously watching the TV left it on some adult channel. It was totally cheesy and cliche. A fireman in tight red pleather pants breaks down a door to a tiny blonde woman's apartment asking if there was a fire he could put out. She responded, "Only the one in my pants." We sat there wide-eyed and watched ten minutes of it before she quickly turned it off and got in her sleeping bag and turned off the lights. We never talked about it.

6. I had my first real kiss in the seventh grade. It was also my first date. It with this boy I had a crush on since elementary school at the local roller rink. We were in band class together, and I thought he was the cutest boy I'd ever seen. We were holding hands skating and during the slow skate, he kissed me. Two songs later my best friend showed up and he ran off to slow skate and kiss her.

7. I don't remember when I started to masturbate, but I was pretty young. I was confused about why I did it but only knew that it felt good. I wondered why I had never heard of something this great before. I thought I had invented it. The hand-held massager my sister bought for my mom for Christmas mysteriously went missing after I started masturbating on a regular basis.

8. I would fantasize about guys walking in on me naked and taking turns fucking me. I wrote about it in my journal. My mom often would go through my rooms and take things without telling me. After I wrote about these fantasies I never saw that journal again.

9. I was given my own computer in fourth grade. I also had an internet connection. And a webcam. I discovered AOL chat rooms. I started to talk to boys my age and they would flirt with me and ask me to be their girlfriends. I spent a lot of time in those chat rooms talking about kissing and boys.

10. Being a curious pre-teen with the internet at her disposal, I found tons of websites with erotica. I masturbated to a lot of the stories, mostly ones about people having sex out in the open.

11. Much later I started listening to erotic podcasts which I prefer over porn. Most porn isn't geared towards heterosexual females, at least the porn I've seen.

12. I lost my virginity when I was fourteen to my first real boyfriend in his truck. In our school parking lot. During lunch. It was pretty awkward but it was exciting. His penis was pretty large and it hurt, but I went along with it. We decided to go back to his place instead of going back to class to have a lot more sex.

13. I thought I was in love with #12, like how everyone else in high school does, but looking back on it I know I wasn't. He was just the only guy who would pay any sort of attention to me.

14. #12 was verbally and physically abusive. He called me ugly and said he was the only guy who would dare to fuck me because I was so gross. He kept me a secret from everybody (which became a trend with most of my boyfriends). I was only used for sex, which never stopped hurting. He made me bleed several times. We never officially broke up, he just moved to California and didn't tell me.

15. My poor excuse for a sex education class in high school taught me nothing. So I decided to learn myself. I watched every kind of porn there was. I looked up diagrams and read articles for hours. I watched a lot of gay male porn.

16. If it weren't for my curiosity about sex, I think I might have been one of the girls in my class who got knocked up before graduation because they didn't know the connection between sex and pregnancy.

17. I started dating a guy I met in a bookstore. I was a sophomore and he was a fourth year in College. We would hang out at his house and as soon as his parents left he pressured me to go down on him. I had never given a blow job so I was extremely uncomfortable. He practically forced me to do it and he came in my mouth without giving me any notice. I choked and spit it out on his carpet.

18. #17 would finger me sometimes (even when I wasn't wet, ouch) but he was so apathetic about it and would only do it because it would mean I'd have to suck his dick after. I never got off from it. We had sex a few times and I got off once. He went back to school and broke up with me because I wouldn't let him watch me masturbate on camera.

19. I knew #17's username on LiveJournal for a while so I'd go and read his public entries. I don't know why I did it, but I saw in recent pictures he's gotten fat, and that makes me happy. Also knowing that he has a tiny dick helps.

20. I met this new boy in college. He was the first to go down on me. But he rarely did and it made me feel really self conscious. I started to think that I tasted bad or smelled. He was so awkward and sloppy about it too. It just felt gross. I would fake it so that it would stop. We had sex in my dorm a lot. It was okay. He made awful noises when came.

21. At this point I didn't understand why sex wasn't pleasurable for me. I rarely ever got off. I just thought that's how it was and that sex was really just meant for guys to get off. Because of this I especially didn't get why I liked sex so much.

22. I bought my first vibrator shortly after I stopped seeing #20. It was a hard pink plastic one with multiple settings. I loved it and it was a very tragic moment when It broke. One time I went out with friends and we all picked out more realistic dildos. I ended up not liking it and tossing it for an identical (and much cheaper) version of my first vibrator in purple.

23. I don't know if I was ever really attracted to the guys I've dated up to this point. I just think I wanted them because they made me feel like they wanted me.

24. Despite a lot of bad experiences, I've always enjoyed giving oral. The feeling I get from getting someone off is amazing. I love seeing the guy squirm and moan.

25. The guy I am dating now is great. He treats me amazingly and tells me I'm beautiful. I orgasm without fail at least once every time we have sex. To go from thinking I could only get off by masturbating to coming multiple times from sex is pretty fucking awesome.