Monday, October 5, 2009

1. I believe I have slept with a total of six people, but the number could be more or less. I try not to keep count.

2. I had my first threesome a week and a half ago, with a man and a woman. It was incredibly sexy, but I was disappointed seeing as the other woman was very, very straight. She would hardly do anything with me.

3. I have no clue when I lost my virginity, but I do remember who it was with and that it was in my bed. We ate sandwiches afterwards.

4. I love the feeling of wax being poured over my body.

5. I love pouring wax on other people even more than I love it being poured on myself.

6. I masturbate all the time. Every chance I get, my hands are most likely down my pants.

7. The person I am currently with is the first person to ever help me reach orgasm. No one before him ever came close.

8. I can deep-throat -- and love every second of it.

9. Going down on girls that don't trim isn't in the least bit fun. I feel like I'm trying to find my way through a forest, and I always end up with pubic hair in my teeth.

10. I am always starving after sex. More than once, I've said to my partner, "Hey, go make me food. I'm gonna sleep; wake me up when the food's ready." Sometimes, that's actually worked.

11. Play piercing turns me on more than anything.

12. I would love to sleep with an androgynous man or woman.

13. My first kiss happened at summer theater camp the summer before seventh grade. We were all playing Spin the Bottle with a Sprite can in the lunch room.

14. I was watching Edward Scissorhands when I gave my first blowjob.

15. Recently, I tried making a list of everyone I've kissed. It didn't work too well.

16. If I'm in the mood, I can have an extremely dirty mouth.

17. I like men super skinny, while I prefer women to be a little curvy.

18. I enjoy watching porn immensely. Bukkake is probably my favorite.

19. I would love to pose nude for a photographer someday.

20. I have bite mark scars on my back from one very intense night.

21. Currently, my sheets are stained beyond belief. I should get a new set, but I love looking at the stains because they bring back wonderful memories.

22. I have never had anal, but I would like to try it some day with a partner I absolutely trust.

23. I love making the person I'm sleeping with squirm until they can't take it anymore, and they throw me down and pound me.

24. For years, I've had a rape fantasy that I've wanted to act out. No one has wanted to do it with me yet.

25. The best sex I've ever had happened at seven in the morning. The man I was with came to the sound of the train passing by my window. It was beautiful.