Thursday, October 8, 2009

1. I ‘m a 56 year old man who lost his virginity when he was 19-20 years old.

2. I was raised in a strict Christian home which parent who never spoke of sex. I often think I’m still carrying that burden around with me--I have a high guilt factor.

3. When I was 9 or 10, a cousin and I use to play around when we’d spend nights with each other. We’d get nude and touch each others penis and a couple of times tried oral on each other. It never ended in climax but felt great. I think I was more into it then he was.

4. I began masturbating in ernest when I was 12 and clearly remember my first real ejaculation when I was 13--it made me feel like a man.

5. In my teens I was very shy and hardly ever dated. There were a number of girls in high school I had a crush on but was too shy to let them know.

6. There was a period in my early twenties when I’d go to local massage parlors and have sex. One time I took a shower with the masseuse, an older woman, and she climaxed while we fondled each other. Afterwards she rode me cowgirl style on the massage table to another climax for her and one for me. I left feeling like she should have paid me. This period of paid sex help me get over my shyness around women.

7. I’m a physically large guy and I always seem to attract sexually submissive women. The truth is I like a women to take total control sometimes.

8. I love giving oral sex to women and will happily spend an evening bringing a women to multiple climaxes with my tongue and lips. I love the taste, the feel and the how it makes me feel to have a women grap my hair and forcibly grind herself on my face as she climaxes. This is probably part of my submissive side.

9. I like porn but find erotic literature more exciting.

10. I’ve had a number of loves in my life but have usually fallen harder for them then they did for me. For a long time it was hard for me to separate the sex from emotion in many cases. This usually resulted in my heart being broken.

11. I’m of average endowment and while I’d like to be bigger there are advantages to not being too large. I’ve had the pleasure of introducing five women to the pleasures of their first anal sex. If I’d been “hung” this probably wouldn’t have happened.

12. I can still get a nice firm natural erection but I enjoy using one of the ED drugs for that rock hard feeling. These drugs also seem to make it harder to climax so I can go for a long time.

13. As I get older I’m also getting kinkier in my fantasies and sexual turn-ons.

14. I use to not like my nipples played with during sex. Now I can’t get enough of it--pinch, lick, suck and bite--a little pain, a lot of pleasure. How did that change?

15. I like being tied. I like it when it gets rough so I feel out of control and apprehensive.

16. I also like enjoy tying my partner up and taking total control (always with a safe word.) I love making her crazy with desire, bringing her to the edge of climax and then ramming my self into her roughly until we’re both physically exhausted and totally satisfied.

17. Sometimes when my wife is giving oral sex she’ll ease a finger or two up my arse which usually makes me climax quickly. I wonder what a penis there would feel like?

18. I now believe that to a certain degree we’re all bisexual. I certainly didn’t believe this when I was younger. Men are usually not comfortable talking about this.

19. Several years ago, when single, I met a bisexual couple through an online ad. He gave me head and made me cum in his mouth. I gave him a hand job. He had a small (3 inches hard) penis that did nothing for me and his wife just wanted to watch. I felt so weird afterwards I left and never communicated with them. I’d like to try the experience again with a couple that appeals more to me.

20. I enjoy going down on my wife after having cum in her. I think my cum is sweet tasting and she agrees. Sometimes I’ll taste my cum when I masturbate.

21. I’d like to making a guy cum in my mouth. I don’t know if I’d have the nerve to do it but the thought turns me on.

22. I’m now married but still masturbate five to seven times a week. My wife doesn’t know the extent of my masturbation. Her sexual needs aren’t as high as mine.

23. Sex with a sense of humor is best. The best sex has always been with someone I’ve also shared laughs with.

24. With time and experience I’ve defined the female body features I seem attracted to most: Women who are slim with small breast and small diameter areola; nipples that grow long when excited; proportional hips; meaty labia; an obvious clitoris; and shapely but slim legs. Pierced nipples and labia or clitoris piercings are also a turn-on. And no, I’ve never had a women who’s had them all.

25. The more I find out about myself sexually the more questions I seem to have.