Tuesday, February 8, 2011

1. I'm a 24-year-old female who would probably identify as queer if anyone outside of trendy college students knew what that word meant.

2. I've never had sex with a woman.

3. I didn't think that I was 'bisexual' (how I usually refer to myself) until I was 20 years old.

4. I've had multiple crushes on women, but there was this one girl I was just obsessed with... so yeah, that was when I was like, "duh, you're bi".

5. When I realized I was bi, I lived in a co-op with a bunch of gender study types, all of whom I'm pretty sure assumed I wasn't straight simply on the basis of my appearance and acquaintances, so I didn't really need to come out.

6. I don't think I would date a woman... but then again, I would have done anything that girl from # 4 wanted, so I guess it could happen.

7. I have had sex with 5 men, all of whom I dated, but not always at the same time that I was having sex with them.

9. I'm currently in an 'open' relationship. No, wait, according to him, we're broken up. According to me, I don't care so long as we can still fuck.

10. I'm in love with the guy from number 9, and he's great.

11. I would really like to fool around with my chemistry professor (whose research team I am on). He's a lot older than me (50ish?), and he's married with adult children. But he's so hot.

12. I'm very attracted to teachers and other authority figures (no cops, army guys, etc). I want to fuck dominant men and women who are in control and tell me what to do. I have wanted to fuck many teachers, both male and female, since middle school.

13. I think that exposure to mainstream porn has made it difficult for me to express my sexual desires... I'm afraid that if I say I like something (like being dominated) then people will automatically assume all this clich├ęd porn stuff.

13. I have not succeeded with sleeping with any of said teachers.

14. I am bad at sleeping with people. I would have more casual sex if it were up to me. I am not sure how to go about doing this, as I don't like online sites like Craigslist and OKCupid (I'm not really an internet socializer).

15. I wish that I was one of those women who gave off sexual vibes. I feel like I'm not the kind of girl people would expect to come onto them... so therefore I wait for people to come onto me, which is stupid.

16. I have been told that I come off as neither male nor female by more than one person in my life. I actually disagree with this.

17. When I was little I really, really wanted to be a boy. I would have given anything not to be female. Now I like being a girl.

18. I like it when my partner tells me what to do in bed. I like to be forced and restrained. It does not feel degrading to me.

19. I fantasize about being spanked a lot. It is one of my earliest fantasies. I wonder whether I would like this in real life.

20. I fantasize about double penetration a lot. I am pretty certain I would enjoy this.

21. I love giving head, and love being eaten out.

22. I have only come from penetration one time, and I was alone. But I love being penetrated.

23. I am insecure about my looks, but part of me secretly thinks that I am very attractive (I guess I am my own type?).

24. I love being bitten and having my neck sucked on and getting hickeys.

25. I think that it would be healthy for me to explore sex more, and with more people. But I am very unsure as to how I may accomplish this.