Friday, February 11, 2011

1. I’m a 38-year-old Scandinavian woman. I identify as heterosexual.

2. I’m scared of sex.

3. I lost my virginity at 30.

4. I’ve only ever had sex with two men.

5. I hate penetration. I have (according to me and my gynecologist) a very small vagina and penetration (even the smallest sized tampons) is painful.

6. I hate how feeling defective because of my vagina has kept me from experimenting sexually, and I hate how the men I’ve been with have made me feel like a problem that needs to be solved.

7. I love receiving oral sex. It makes me feel sexy and loved. If I could find a man who was happy just eating pussy I’d be in heaven.

8. I want to meet a man who thinks of sex as a conversation between two people and not a sport or a show you put on.

9. I wish I was a lesbian. I like women more than I like men, but unfortunately I’m not sexually attracted to women.

10. I fantasize about both women and men.

11. I’m really good at masturbating. I do it 4-8 times a week and I can make myself come again and again and again.

12. I feel really sexy when I menstruate. I masturbate like crazy during my period.

13. I don’t have a type and I don’t believe in types.

14. I like kissing after receiving oral sex. I taste good!

15. I love my breasts. Love, love, love them.

16. I like being naked. I model for an artist and I love seeing my naked body in paint on the gallery wall.

17. The soles of my feet are one of my erogenous zones. Caress them and the sensation goes straight up my legs.

18. Scent is a turn on for me. A good, clean, natural scent. If I had a boyfriend I’m guessing I’d be nuzzling in his armpit a lot.

19. I sometimes daydream about strangers sticking their hands up my skirt in public places like libraries and restaurants. I’m sure I’d hate it in real life but it’s a nice fantasy.

20. I’m super vanilla. I get off on tenderness more than anything else. And I’m a sucker for compliments.

21. I don’t like dirty talk and I don’t like baby talk. I just want someone to tell me I’m lovely.

22. I like to wear 50’s underwear like stockings, garters and heels. They make me feel sexy.

23. I don’t care for pornography (as in videos) but I love erotic still photography.

24. I think men’s bodies are beautiful.

25. I’m hoping this year will be the year I start experimenting with sexuality, and stop worrying about being seen as strange.