Tuesday, May 10, 2011

1. I'm 43 and female and did not realize I was bi until a few years ago.

2. I always had sexy dreams about a guy and a girl, and one day I woke up and thought "Oh! I'm the guy in these dreams!"

3. My marriage is sexually barren, which is depressing because I love my husband but his drive is very low and I am not attracted to him at all.

4. I had a lover who was intensely passionate and very kinky, which I miss a lot.

5. I try not to think about sex most of the time because I can get so frustrated, even with my stupid vibrating clit toy.

6. I have only been with two girls. Once in college, and once with an ex and his wife. That was really fun until I found out she did not like her clit touched due to surgery; then I lost interest in that encounter.

7. The only guy I ever crave is the old lover, and he's too far away.

8. I have been a cougar before, but only because I like to dominate. Always they were older than 18, and too innocent. Then I just regret it.

9. I think the lover really messed up my head, because he got more and more submissive and it turns me on so much.

10. I get rougher now. The more I'm turned on, I grab and pinch and bite, I want to hear him moan and whimper.

11. I used to feel fat and ugly, but that lover really showed me that I can be someone's sex fantasy, and be sexy, just let go and enjoy it.

12. I don't understand why I am attracted to the masculine lesbians, but they are hot!

13. I love watching two guys, or even thinking about it.

14. I have done a lot of research/experimenting with BDSM stuff. I don't know if I ever want anyone to top me, except a girl. That would be so sexy.

15. Watching or thinking about guys jerking off turns me on.

16. Armpits turn me on, and big hands.

17. I think I like watching people get turned on. The live club scene is fun for that. I miss it. Always wanted to take my guy there but he refused.

18. The best orgasm I ever had was making him finger me in a movie theater.

19. I finally had a guy twist my nipples and it felt so good!

20. I love to give blow jobs, anything oral. It's boring when they do it to me, I'd rather just fuck at that point.

21. I don't really like anal or doggie-style. I love the full-on bodies better.

22. When I was a teenager and we had no condoms, crazy us, we used sandwich baggies. We did not care! It's a wonder I did not get pregnant.

23. I am ashamed that I am only attracted to white people. I don't really understand, I am white, but so what?

24. I used to have my tongue pierced and it was way in the back and my lover would hold it and fuck me and I felt like it was my clit. It was very erotic.

25. I love to be so in control that I tell him to come and he just lets go and comes, as hard as I want him to.