Saturday, May 14, 2011

1. I'm an eighteen-year-old female and I don't identify with specific labels; I'm just "queer."

2. I might be a lesbian, though.

3. I've had sex with one boy once, and one girl multiple times. Sex with the girl was SO much better.

4. Since coming to college in August, I have made out with one boy and made out with/hooked up with countless girls. I was worried about this at the beginning, but now am not.

5. I love to masturbate. I stumbled upon porn by accident when I was 10 and have been fascinated by it ever since.

6. I like it rough. Having hickeys and bruises and scratches is really sexy, even though it takes a lot to make my skin bruise.

7. People who are silent during sex are incomprehensible to me. I like it when people make noise, especially when girls moan.

8. I like having sex in nontraditional places (in the English building of my college, for instance, or the dining hall, or the laundry room). I have fantasies about having sex in semi-public places. (One time, a girl and I were hooking up in a stairwell at a party and campus security barged in on us and it was incredible.)

9. I'm hopelessly in love with a girl who's three years older than me. We've hooked up twice and both times have been unbelievable. She identifies as queer but admits that she is more into men than women. She's also graduating in a few weeks, and I'm preparing to be heartbroken.

10.I love other women's breasts, but am still on the fence about my own (they're big).

11. If I could, I'd have rough sex every day, multiple times a day.

12. I have never had a boyfriend or a girlfriend, not even in middle or high school.

13. A lot of my sexual experiences have happened while I was drunk.

14. I've masturbated and orgasmed while my roommate has been in the room.

15. I didn't get my first kiss until I was 16 (all of my friends had had theirs when they were around 13 or 14) and it was awful and gross and he was incredibly drunk.

16. One time, I was making out pretty heavily with a girl at a party. Some bro was watching us the entire time and I couldn't tell if I liked it or not.

17. I really want to have a threesome, probably with two girls (but am open to other arrangements).

18. The girl I'm in love with held my hands the entire time we hooked up and also gave me some of the most impressive hickeys I've ever seen. It was so intimate and sexy that I soaked through my underwear. Even thinking about it makes me goosebumpy.

19. I think the hottest character (besides Shane... obviously) from the L Word is Carmen. Alice might be my favorite, though, just because she's so damn funny.

20. I'm really femmey (I have long hair, am petite, wear feminine makeup and clothes [generally]) and probably read as 100% straight. I have a huge fantasy about going totally butch, though. I probably never will.

21. Piercings and tattoos are some of my biggest turn-ons. I have a nose ring and three ear piercings and a tattoo on the inside of my lip. I want more of both.

22. I am a feminist and maybe because of this, I do not like being dominated by men. With women, however, I'm much more open to being a bottom.

23. I love kissing. The girl I'm in love with (the amount of times I've mentioned her already is really pathetic) is an incredible kisser, alternatively forceful and tender. In the middle of one of our hookups, she ran her tongue from my collarbone to my ear and then nibbled on my earlobe and I got more aroused than I ever have been in my life.

24. I didn't fully "come out" as queer until this year, but I've always had some idea. I just assumed that the feelings I had for other girls were girlcrushes (whatever those are), but coming to a very liberal college made me realize that in fact, I really wanted to fuck them, not just be friends with them. (This seems to be a very common theme in queer girls.)

25. Sex is probably what I'm thinking about 99% of the time.