Friday, August 19, 2011

1. I am a 28-year-old female from the States.

2. The closest thing I have ever had to a relationship is with the married man I'm sleeping with. I don't feel guilty sleeping with him. He makes me feel wanted.

3. I don't like anal sex, and used to cry when someone tried, but am more willing to do it with him.

4. The first time I had sex I was drunk off of a bottle of Mad Dog. I don't remember any of it but waking up and crying because I didn't have pants on. When I put too much thought into that night, I end up resenting my friends for letting it happen.

5. Guy-on-guy anything is hot. I wish I knew more straight men who were more bi-curious.

6. I like sucking dick. I got my tongue pierced to make it more enjoyable, and he doesn't like it at all, so I have to take it out.

7. I have gone years without having sex with anyone, because everyone I was sleeping with made me feel used.

8. I have had a few threesomes. I didn't enjoy a girl going down on me as much as I enjoyed doing things to her.

9. I am overweight, and have no problem getting naked.

10. I like being held down and tied up, and I think it should happen more often.

11. I love kissing. Which is a big switch from the way I used to feel--before, I never used to kiss anybody I was sleeping with.

12. I masturbate between one and three times a week. I have a dildo but don't like it, so I just use my fingers on my clit.

13. I love being on top and knowing that he has to look at me if he's got his eyes open, but the way I get off the fastest is when I'm lying on my stomach and he enters me that way.

14. Pierced dicks are a good thing, but it also helps if you know what you are doing.

15. I am more physically attracted to guys who are confident, but end up falling in unreciprocated love with boys that are quiet guys.

16. I refuse to take off my socks during sex.

17. The first time I had a guy go down on me, I didn't enjoy it at all, and didn't let anyone go down on me for a long time. The first time my FWB went down on me I couldn't combine words to make a sentence to tell him how AMAZING it was.

20. Up until recently I have never stayed the night in a guy's bed without anything happening, and just being close was a bigger turn-on than I could have imagined.

21. I don't like having my hair grabbed when I am going down on a guy, but he's an exception.

22. I like sober sex more than drunk sex.

23. I haven't slept with anyone who lives in the same town as me in 7 years. I don't plan it that way. I swear.

24. I love arms. And I'm not saying they have to be well-defined or anything like that, but they should not be just fat!

25. Smiles and lips melt my heart.