Wednesday, March 18, 2009

1. my first kiss was at 18 with my best friend's ex-boyfriend. i was not sexually attracted to him at all.

2. i feel sorry for my strict catholic mother and wonder if she has ever orgasmed.

3. i wonder about other people's sex lives a lot, and can't stand that talking about sex is such a taboo thing.

4. my sex drive just seems to get higher and higher

5. i love to be "taken": push and corner me against the wall, hold my hands above my head, throw me down on the bed, etc.

6. my vibrator orgasms have gotten pretty sub-par, but i'm still addicted.

7. it took being with a man to make me fully appreciate how well women can instinctively pleasure other women. it also taught me about patience, the art of teaching someone how my body works, and how much fun it can be discovering all the new ways to be pleasured and mutually enjoy the act of making love. most of my sexual experiences prior to him can only be described as "sex" or "fucking", and i think believing the object of sex was to orgasm took away from the experience too often.

8. fantasizing about threesomes turns me on, but i'm not sure if i could actually go through with one, especially if i was in a committed relationship.

9. i've always wanted to have sex outside, but no partner has been fully willing or comfortable with it.

10. i've never actually used handcuffs or feathers or blindfolds, but i've always wanted to.

11. on that note, each partner has complied with my wish to either be spanked, pinched, or bitten.

12. as a kid, i loved the movie "the rocketeer" because a certain scene with jennifer connelly always turned me on, and i felt dirty but would still rewind and replay it whenever i could.

13. when i masturbate, i like to moan and get loud, but don't often have the chance when with a partner.

14. i like to come while on top, getting a hand job, and having my lips sucked and bitten.

15. with my last partner, i came closer to realizing my ass fetish. i would like to have PIV sex while being stimulated anally, and then from there move on to anal sex.

16. i unfortunately have many more "wants" and "would like"s than things i have actually done. this is a source of frustration, and i continue to regret not being open enough with the few partners i have had.

17. the first time i pleasured myself, i was 19. i blurted this fact out quite randomly to my friends as we were high on ecstasy, and i instantly felt weird about it.

18. the aforementioned first time was with a vibrator given to me by my first girlfriend, three months prior to me actually using it. i was scared, and nervous, as i had grown up thinking masturbating was a shameful thing to do. if anything could be called "a religious experience", this was it. when i orgasmed, i cried and cried out of relief and wonder and achievement and pleasure, and then i came again, and again.

19. when i hear stories about people having first kisses or playing with their girlfriends as schoolchildren, i am jealous and feel that i missed out on so much growing up.

20. my mother's idea of a sex talk was "it's special, and sinful to do it before marriage." i consider her lack of openness a terrible disservice to my siblings and i, and know that if i ever have children, i will teach them that masturbating is okay, nudity is not something to be embarrassed about, and i will try to answer any questions they have about their bodies and sex.

21. i am very affectionate when in a relationship. i will hold your hand, rub your head, kiss you everywhere, rub my face against yours, touch your face when we kiss, and i could cuddle forever, just kissing and touching and enjoying the closeness.

22. being woken up in the middle of the night to have dirty, passionate, locked-limbs sex is one of the hottest things i can think of.

23. hot weather makes me super horny.

24. i've only known clitoral orgasms, and i hope this changes soon.

25. i modeled nude for the first time when i was 25, and it was an empowering, confidence-boosting experience. i know that i never could have been able to do it before then and credit my boyfriend at the time for making me making me feel physically attractive and fully comfortable with all of my body for the first time in my life.