Wednesday, March 18, 2009

1. My favorite thing about having sex with my wife is knowing that she's turned on and wet. I love looking at her pussy and seeing the swollen lips, and the white lubricant peeking out. I love to run my fingers down over her clit and into her opening, pulling the wetness back up and over. This alone can make me audibly moan.

2. I love sniffing my wife's panties. I've been doing this for years and know all the variants on her smell. When I masturbate, I can get off almost immediately from her scent alone. I have stashed a pair or two away for when she's out of town.

3. When I masturbate, I sometimes rub my balls. Other times I'll lube up my finger and move it in and out of my anus. Almost always, I need to do something with my left hand (the non-active hand) either by pulling on my boxers, rubbing my balls, or rubbing my thighs.

4. I have a really, really big thing for white nylons and/or tights. I've thought about this a lot and wonder where this particular kink comes from, as it's been with me for as long as I can remember. My wife, unfortunately, does not wear tights or nylons.

5. I have only cheated on a partner once -- my long terms college girlfriend. I met someone online that I had much in common with and I traveled to NYC to meet her. She traveled to my city, we met and made out. I got her off several times, and she gave me a hand job. I traveled to NYC to visit her, and I made a point of trying everything I hadn't with my girlfriend. This woman was multi orgasmic, and has what she called popcorn orgasms which she described as little pops. She was the first woman I made sob after orgasm. I fingered her ass while vigorously rubbing her g-spot. She came with a scream, and started to laugh which turned into sobs. It really freaked me out, despite he saying that it was OK. And as an aside, we broke the tension when she smelled herself on my fingers, laughing about how they smelled like ass.

6. I'm also a big fan of women's underwear. Not so much that I wear (although when I was much younger I have). I love panty lines. I love the glimpse of panties above the wasteband of pants. I love seeing a laundry basket full of panties (clean or dirty) waiting to be washed or folded. I think they are very telling about what a woman thinks of herself, and if I were a woman, I would have a wide variety and wear them as my secret. The reason I love them so much, is because while I love looking at a woman's ass or pussy, there is so much sexyness when it's covered up. It's what I don't see that sometimes can push me over the edge. I don't think I'm alone in this... there is a huge business selling nice little pieces of fabric. After my children came, my wfe started buying Hanes Her Way underwear -- which is so incredibly similar to men's tighty-whiteys that they are a huge turn off to me.

7. One of the hottest sexual experiences I have had recently was with my wife. We were in bed, and we were kissing caressing and other stuff, I reached down and started to pull her pants and panties down. She reached down, and kept her panties up while helping me off with her pants. She pulled my pants down, and laid on her back, pulled me up, pressed my cock against her clit (over the top of her underwear). She stated rocking her hips, getting me in the right position, and pushed her breasts together, pushing her nipples in my mouth. Just my cock sliding against her panties, her panting and grinding against me. We kept this up for a few minutes, and I looked up into her eyes and they were rolled back in her head. She came shortly after, and without much of a pause, reached down and pushed her panties up her thighs just far enough that I could push myself inside of her, her knees up against my chest and I fucked her deeply until I came. Those panties were mightily wet, and I saved them for another time.

8. We've owned a few sex toys in our house. We had a few jelly ass plugs and a dildo. Both have been thrown away for safety's sake (look it up, they're nasty). They were never used on inside of my wife, and were only up my ass. We now have a cock ring. I like the way it feels, and it makes me super hard. The one time we tried it, we waited too long, and my wife lost interest in it. I need to bring it back into our life.

9. I like it when my wife sticks her fingers up my ass. She says when she kisses me hard, my cock in her, and her finger up my ass she feels like an Ouroboros -- a snake eating its own tail. It makes me cum hard if she does it right.

10. I like anal sex. One of the first times I had sex with my wife (then girlfriend) we were in the shower and she lubed up her ass (with soap, I think) and let me slide up and down in her ass crack. She bent over and pushed my head in and gasped. She pushed back harder, me letting her control. She started to move back and forth and told me I could cum if I wanted. I wanted. I came hard, we finished showering, and we went back to her bed where I gave her head and fucked her (pussy this time) again. We've only done this again a few times. She often has me spoon her from behind and rubs her ass against my cock, but she shows discomfort at me taking it further (her body language -- it's not like I'm jabbing her unwillingly). I've used my fingers in her ass a few times, and i love when she comes how her anus pulses gently as it squeezes my finger.

11. I mostly masturbate in the shower now, it's one of the few places I get privacy. I tried using soap or shampoo a few times, but it left me sore from the inside. I now have a wonderful shaving cream that I use that I can almost always get myself off with.

12. I once had a conversation with my wife where she asked me if I masturbated. I said yes, and I asked her. She said yes. I've still never seen her do it. And she's never seen me do it.

13. My biggest fantasy today is to tell my wife to go into our room and get herself wet. And to call to me when she is.

14. I prefer my wife trimmed. She's never shaved and I'm not interested in having her do so. Lately, she's let her pubes go wild, and I find that much like the Hanes Her way underwear, I find it a turnoff. Not enough that while in the mood I won't lick, finger or fuck her. I just wish she'd trim it down a bit.

15. There are many things I'd love to try with my wife, though I'm often to shy to bring them up even when she asks me.

16. I've read and continue to read wife sharing stories. I think it's the pang of jealousy they invoke with me that turns me on so much. I've never once fantasized about sharing my wife, though. The thought makes me sick to my stomach.

17. After a long period of no sex in my marriage, I found myself almost shocked to find out that my wife was a sexual being -- that she masturbated, and that she thought about sex. It was an awakening for me. I wonder what else I don't know about her?

18. My first time having sex was with a girl I met when I was 18. She was a punk rocker, and she was a great sexual partner. We were totally mismatched personality-wise which eventually ruined the sex. I thank her for teaching me what she taught me, though.

19. I get a really deep flush and shallow breathing whenever I find myself close to people having sex. Most recently I was in the backyard and my early-twenties neighbor was fucking his girlfriend. She made the sweetest coos and moans. I could hear the thrusts in her voice. I find it difficult to stop listening, and I also find it difficult to swallow. Also, it makes my ears ring. And I like it.

20. If I do look at porn, it's amateur porn. I'm not that into staged porn. I like wetness, hair, natural looking. I'm not against a little cellulite, a bruise, whatever. I especially like it if if there are internal cum shots.

21. Since my wife got an IUD I've enjoyed sex much more. I love cumming inside of her. One big turn on recently was after she has orgasmed she said she could feel my warm pulses of my cum inside of her.

22. Given the choice between cumming via blow job or fucking, I'll take fucking any day.

23. I love going down on my wife. I love licking, lapping and tasting her. I love pushing my fingers in and running the top wall of her insides, slowly, with my index finger. Watching her gasp. I love how wet she gets, I love show she'll kiss me when I am done.

24. I never use lube (other than in the shower) when masturbating.

25. I check my wife out each and every day. I try to time walking past the bedroom when she's getting dressed, I study her ass and try to guess if she's wearing nice underwear, I love looking at her cleavage. I love getting turned on by her and having her near me.