Wednesday, March 18, 2009

1. When I lost my virginity, I bled like I was having my period for three days following. This also happened the second time I had sex. Neither time was I actually having my period.

2. My first lesbian experiences were in seventh grade with my best friend. She would only touch me in public in front of boys she was trying to impress. Girl on girl action made them more likely to want us. I actually had a crush on her.

3. I discovered masturbation by accident. I went to scratch a mosquito bite on my inner thigh and brushed my clit in the process. Amazing.

4. I love oral sex an insane amount. My current partner has the worst gag reflex I’ve ever encountered, and seriously CANNOT go down on me. But I love him so much that I’m willing to give it up.

5. He makes up for it with incredible sex.

6. The strongest orgasms I’ve ever had came from cyber-sex. I didn’t even touch myself, the mental stimulus was just that strong I could feel the orgasms up into my belly.

7. Years after being a camp counselor, I had a one night stand with a former camper. It had a much greater impact on him than it did on me.

8. My current boyfriend has slept with six women – half of whom are models, two are gymnasts/ballerinas, and then there’s me. I’ve danced ballet and practiced gymnastics but not at all recently. I like to think that I’m the first one to break his trend.

9. I’ve met all but one of his past partners, and can happily say that I have no problems with them, nor do I feel threatened by them.

10. The one I haven’t met is a fetish model and former Suicide Girl. For the first few months of our relationship I would stare at her pictures (mostly nudes), scrutinizing and comparing myself against her.

11. It’s easier for me to get off reading erotica than it is for me watching porn.

12. When I do watch porn, I usually keep the volume off. I just hate the fake dialogue and the bodily sounds, moaning and screaming is okay.

13. Homosexual porn is so much hotter than heterosexual porn as far as I’m concerned. Doesn’t matter if it’s m/m or f/f, both are better than m/f.

14. I’m of a small stature, and one of my partners was so afraid of breaking me that he refused to have sex with me. Sometimes his anxiety was so great that he would finger me with his pinky. It got really boring really quickly.

15. I love cyber-sex, but rarely have it.

16. My current relationship started as a very intoxicated hookup which I regretted the next day. So did he. We only started talking so that things wouldn’t be awkward when we hung out with mutual friends.

17. I’ve been fingered in a room full of people twice. Once was a drunken Halloween, the other was during a viewing of The Addams Family movie. Both times I came incredibly hard without anyone except my boyfriend noticing.

18. I have serious fantasies about getting fucked in public or out in nature.

19. When I was young, say about fourteen years old, I was regularly making out and groping in public. It was incredibly sexy.

20. My first random hookup happened in my former preschool/kindergarten at a benefit concert. He’s the one that started my love of rough, public play.

21. If you bite the back of my neck while lying on top of me or taking me from behind I will do whatever you want. In fact, I’ll beg for it.

22. The one thing that I absolutely WILL NOT do under any circumstances is get on my knees to give head. Don’t get me wrong, I love giving blowjobs, but I won’t get on my knees for them. It feels degrading.

23. My best friend once promised her ex-boyfriend a threesome with me for his eighteenth birthday. The thought made him very uncomfortable, but also very hard. If the chance arose, I’d probably still do it. This is not something that my boyfriend would be comfortable with, so thankfully this chance will probably not arise.

24. I’ve had a few f/f/m threesomes, but would love a m/m/f one, if not group sex in greater numbers. Another thing that I think the boyfriend would probably freak out about, even though I know he’s had sex in front of his friends before.

25. If I ever became filthy rich, one of the first things I would do is buy a whole host of high-end sex toys. Pearl restraints, gold/diamond vibrators, platinum handcuffs… I want it all.