Tuesday, June 2, 2009

1- I am 23 and have slept with more men than I can count or remember. Which makes me promiscuous.

2- I watch porn and get off on it only when I can see that the women featured in the movie are actually enjoying it.

3- I want to make a porn movie where women are fetishizing and rubbing on men's shoulders or ears and getting off on it without paying attention to the men's pleasure, to make a point about portrayal of female pleasure (lack of) in mainstream porn. Maybe also get a few actors with sillicone enhanced shoulders or ears.

4- I first had sex at 13 and a first orgasm at 16.

5- When I see my partner look at another women, I get jealous and it turns me on.

6- I want to sleep with women but don't know how to approach them.

7- I love anal sex and am working on getting my partner to understand that enjoying anal sex as a man doesn't make you gay. And that sexuality isn't as linear as gay or straight, anyways.

8- I would love to have a penis for a month. And would coerce a different lady every night to have sex with me. No I wouldn't, I'm a feminist. But, yes I would. And make her come. Loud and hard.

9- I would be curious to have my sex drive suppressed for a month, to see how different my behavior would be. I think I would be easier to get along with. And probably would never look at myself in a mirror, or do my hair, or wear thigh pants.

10- My ex gave me the best sex ever and I kinda wish he would give a g-spot seminar to my current man.

11- My most recurrent fantasy while masturbating is having a blonde girl pushed face to face on a brick wall while I fuck her hard from behind, my hand pulling her hair to make her head turn and look at me while she screams. I know, so typical, which brings me to...

12- I wonder what my fantasies would look like if mainstream porn, media, take on beauty and feminity and masculinity where different.

13- To smell my man's armpits turns me on immensely.

14- I like to feel a man's body pushed down on mine, heavy and strong, and see his desire get out of hand.

15- I am turned on by power and would love to make a cop lose his mind, or make Bill Clinton or my boss kneel under my desk and my skirt and make me come.

16- I have never had cunnilingus that made me come. I find men lick too hard, too soft, too slow and it isn't intense enough to get my mind to stop thinking about the grocery list or the phone calls to make.

17- I like to have my hair pulled while having sex. The intensity shuts down my mind.

18-I once smelled my man's dirty t-shirt before cleaning it and it made my clitoris grow hard. And that makes me a dirty shirt sniffer.

19- Clean, crisp white t-shirts turn me on, on men or women, especially paired with a pair of blue jeans and boots.

20- When I see people with red hair (natural, that is) I want to smell them--their pale skin looks like it would smell really good. I don't actually go ahead and smell.

21- I wish I could live in a trio with my guy and another girl. And sleep in a sandwich between the two of them. And have them both devoted to me and my pleasure.

22-I wish humans had more in common with bonobos and we would make sex part of our regular daily social encounters.

23-I like the idea of a bunch of bodies all covered in thin latex languorously dancing and rubbing on each other in a pool of lube.

24-Big women with small feet wearing sexy high heels with an exposed ankle turn me on.

25-I love androgynous ambiguity, when a hot person doesn't clearly look like a man or a woman, just somewhere in a no-gender land.