Wednesday, June 3, 2009

1. My breasts are small and not very sensitive. Sucking or fondling them excites me only very little.
2. Sometimes I see this as a wonderful gift for a bisexual person. Sometimes I don’t.
3. I’ve had sex with a large number of people so far. Most of them were pretty good and I don’t regret it.
4. I first had sex when I was 16; I’m 33 now.
5. I like very dominant sexual partners, male and female. IRL I have a very outspoken personality so maybe being totally passive in bed is a way for me to take a break. It’s really comforting to be completely under the control of another person. I don’t believe in any kind of anthropomorphized god or any other authority figure so my submissive sexual fantasies are a way for me to indulge in an illusion I know is not real but which I’m hardwired to find very comforting.
6. As a feminist I’m conflicted and embarrassed about this.
7. Also as a feminist I understand that my sexual preferences were formed within a sexist patriarchal society and in my case also within a sexist patriarchal family.
8. That said, there’s no point in me trying to change. It is what it is. And there are worse things than wanting to fulfill your partners’ every desire!
9. I’m turned on by what turns my partner on.
10. I’ve never fantasized about rope before but I’m intrigued by it now because my current partner is into it.
11. The only way I can climax is by thinking of or experiencing my partner climaxing.
12. I think it’s healthy to have multiple intimate relationships simultaneously with a small number of people you love and trust, who all fulfill you in slightly different ways. A healthy sex life to me would involve 2-3 such open relationships.
13. If my partner is dominant and can switch to being submissive, I would hope he finds a nice dominant female who can fulfill this need for him (i.e. not me!).
14. If said dominant female liked submissive females as well as submissive men, that’d be an added bonus!
15. As long as I’m confident in my partners’ love for me, I don’t think I could ever be jealous of him/her loving another at the same time. If it makes him happier and more fulfilled, I can’t see how that would be a bad thing.
16. One of my fantasies is to be a maid, cleaning the house and waiting on and catering to my master(s)’s every wish.
17. I like threesomes. I’ve only ever done it a couple of times though.
18. I have, however, been in one all female foursome.
19. Confidence is the biggest turn-on. Insecurity or uncertainty completely undermines the whole I’m-trusting-that-you’re-in-
charge-here fantasy. If you’re not sure I’ll like something, just do it. I’ll like it. Trust me.
20. Somewhere I once saw or read about a contraption that consists of a bar mounted on a wall between a woman’s legs just high enough so that she can almost touch the floor with her toes but not quite. Her hands are tied above her head. In other words, she’s balanced precariously on her crotch. It makes her wiggle and squirm constantly. I fantasize about being put in such a contraption for the viewing pleasure of my dom.
21. In my new partner’s apartment there’s a closet I’ve never seen the inside of. I fantasize about all the exciting things that could be in that closet (see above) that he’s been waiting to reveal to me!
22. I really, really love giving oral sex. Especially to men.
23. I’m really loud when having sex. I can’t help it. I don’t understand how other people can be so damned quiet!
24. Needless to say I’m really turned on by older, powerful men. Biology. Gotta love it!
25. My dom told me to write this list and send it in.