Tuesday, June 2, 2009

1. I first had sex at 18; she was 36. We had sex for six hours and it was disappointing. I couldn't figure what the big deal was.

2. We continued to have sex for 6 years. She was married with children. My parents suspected and practiced parental denial.

3. I had other girlfriends during that time. Sometimes I had sex with her and my girlfriend on the same day.

4. For those 6 years I had sex every Wednesday and Saturday, on other days too if it was possible. The only exception was when I was away for 2 weeks on a varsity trip one year.

5. I have had a lot of sex. I learned not to have sex more than 6 times on one day and not to have sex every day for more than a week: my body couldn't handle it.

6. I've paid for sex. Most times it was OK; a rare few times it was great and several times it was very disappointing. Except for the first few times they've all been threesomes.

7. How much one pays for sex is unrelated to how satisfying it is; I'd actually hazard that paying less is better: these women have more sex and practice does make better.

8. Paying for sex is preferable: there's no emotional baggage; my needs are paramount; they know something about sex and I don't have to have sex with them ever again. Most women don't know much about sex; neither do most men. People don't believe in studying and practising sex.

9. My knowledge of sex tends to intimidate lovers. Prostitutes don't care.

10. I've given one man a handjob. I'd like to do a 69 on a man who knows how to suck cock but I don't know how to arrange this safely and anonymously.

11. I always practice safe sex. I've never had an STD and I've been vaccinated against HBV. I am surprised that so many people consider cold sores no big deal. It is for me.

12. I like being licked everywhere except my face; and I don't like tongue in my ear. Having my earlobes nibbled is OK but it's not a turn-on.

13. I like having my cock sucked especially because I can go for a very long time without cumming. I am quite happy licking a pussy all that time too.

14. I have been to one group sex party as a single. It was disappointing because there were too many men relative to women and I learned that I wasn't supposed to cum inside any of the women. Coitus interruptus is a big turnoff.

15. I avoid virgins. People who've had sex are unskilled enough. I don't understand the penchant for virgins.

16. My fantasy is to have leisurely group sex once or twice a week. Leisurely as in a whole day / night. More people means more stimulation which means more pleasure.

17. I've had anal sex once and it disappointed. I thought that the anal sphincter would allow for active contractions but the passive partner's anus relaxes completely. It isn't any more pleasurable and it has no taboo charge for me and it is much messier.

18. I like large nipples and a butt I can grab.

19. I have sensitive nipples and I like having them pinched.

20. I've gotten into electrostim sex and conventional sex is no longer stimulating enough although I am thinking of getting an electrostim glove.

21. I would love to suckle on a lactating breast during sex. I have no idea how breastmilk tastes and I was never breastfed.

22. I watch porn everyday even if it's only 5 minutes. It's a mood enhancer. I prefer watching beautiful bodies and especially cocksucking.

23. I masturbate every other day because doing so every day would not be healthy.

24. I have had sex with women of more than 10 ethnicities, and women differ much less than men in their sexuality fetishes notwithstanding.

25. Fucking may be my religion.