Wednesday, June 3, 2009

1. I spent the first 7 years of my active sex life almost exclusively having intercourse with shemale prostitutes. I thought I was gay at the time.
2. I actually came out of the closet as straight. The first time I was with a girl who really wanted to be with me I realized that was what I had been looking for all that time and have never looked back.
3. Having said that, sucking cock is the only thing I really miss of my experiences with shemales.
4. My wife is 15 years older than me and we've had the best sex of our lives together. We've been 10 years together. She considers herself bisexual.
5. We once had sex in the lobby of a building with a glass wall facing the street. At night, of course. And it was not a very busy street.
6. I once saw my parents having sex and thoroughly enjoying it. I realized then sex was great. I was about 10 at the time.
7. For a few years my wife and I were into the swinger lifestyle. It was great but it got to be quite an obsession for me so I had to quit cold turkey. It was tough.
8. Seeing my wife with another woman is the single most beautiful and erotic thing I've ever seen. Or with several for that matter.
9. Group sex is the best thing I've tried. I just love the energy and the sounds.
10. Having sex among other couples who are also having sex is a major turn-on.
11. The thing I miss the most about swinging is the openness and social side of sexuality, not just the sexual activities.
12. I fantasize about tough, muscular men sometimes but the smell of a man turns me off.
13. I once almost proposed to a girl solely based on the smell of her pussy. It was the most delicious smell I remember.
14. I have experienced non-ejaculatory multiple orgasms many times. It beats ejaculation any day.
15. Younger girls are not that attractive to me, I prefer older, more experienced women in the 40+ age range.
16. I cheated on my wife two different times with strippers. It was not bad, but I chose not to do it again ever. I hated lying to my wife.
17. Food on the bedroom is something I cannot stand. Whipped cream, chocolate, etc. are out of the picture.
18. I love eating pussy and sucking toes. I had no idea the latter could drive women so crazy.
19. Finding a clitoris and a G-Spot is not an issue, fortunately. Cannot believe some men can't do it.
20. I frequently shave my pubic hair and testicles. Makes oral sex better and wife loves it. Likewise a shaven pussy is a beauty to behold and a pleasure to eat.
21. Active anal sex is one of my favorites. Not that frequent now. I don't know why.
22. I don't consider myself particularly dominant. If I were gay I'd surely be a bottom but I didn't particularly enjoyed bottoming out with shemales. (See #1)
23. Never had a FFM threesome.
24. We love talking about sexual habits with other couples, but not many couples in our circle of friends are open enough to do so.
25. The greatest source of fantasies is "How would this girl/woman react when aroused?"