Tuesday, March 24, 2009

1. I like being bitten and I like biting. I only tried this on two girls though. Both left bruises on my penis at one occasion each. The ache and dents reminded me of her and turned me on during the day. One of the girls doesn’t like me biting her. I bite soft but try not to at all with her. But I am thus left wanting. The other loved that I was the first biter and told me she bites her own fingers when thinking of me. That’s flattering, strangely.
2. I have a foot fetish.
3. From looking at feet on YouTube etc. I can see that foot fetishes differ a lot. Some of it turns me off. Mine is more simple: I like kissing them.
4. I have broken up with girls whose feet were not pretty. I did not tell them that of course.
5. I was in love with a girl whose feet weren’t pretty, and I grew to love her strange feet. Go figure.
6. I lost my virginity when I was about twenty. Late, I suppose. This is due to being introverted. Being shy screwed up my early sex life, which leaves psychological complications later. In other words I’m hornier than I’d like to be. Really! Sexual thoughts get in the way sometimes.
7. My first time was with a prostitute. I didn’t enjoy it. She was middle aged and chubby. She was on top and I wasn’t sure if it was ‘in yet’. Such was her size. I’ve since seen another prostitute and had trouble getting it up. I realise now that it was because they were actually working, and the emotional side was not there. I need the girl to be turned on for me to be turned on.
8. On the only one night stand I ever had, I came too fast. She outdrank me easily and I couldn’t keep up. We became good friends afterwards.
9. In my teens I played a fair bit of truth and dare with a male friend. We are still friends but don’t talk about it ever. We masturbated together, and I’ve had his penis in my mouth. We never actually penetrated though. We’d read Playboy together. I am still not turned off by the thought of giving head, or receiving anal. I kind of am turned off by the thought of kissing a man though. Go figure.
10. A fantasy of mine is to be f@#$ed from behind by a woman with a strap-on. I have not had the courage to ask girlfriends though. This is because they were so openly submissive (which made me secretly unfulfilled in that area).
11. I only had one girlfriend who was not submissive. She was bi (mostly gay) and always was in charge but in a loving way. She put her finger in my anus when pulling me and this is where it began.
12. The above girl had a huge effect on me. She had dreadlocks and hairy armpits and legs. It made me aroused by those same traits on other women after. When she cut her hair short, I liked short-haired girls. I had a huge longing for lesbians too, after we split. I tried in vain to woo some. Most became good friends!
13. I really like to lick a woman’s anus. I only did it with one though. After a shower!
14. I like breasts to be medium to small to flat-chested. The bigness pushed in media annoys me and probably gets girls unnecessarily worried.
15. I once saw two dominatrixes at once. One peed on me which I liked. It was warm. But, the fact that it was all contrived (I paid), made me soft and not so easily to get hard. Paying for it is not good.
16. I once had a threesome with my girlfriend-of-the-time and another man. I was half jealous and half turned on. It nearly broke us up but I still masturbate to the memory.
17. What went wrong was just how unprepared emotionally we were. We are still friends and have discussed it. I would still like to have a relationship where I let the girl sleep with people in front of me and in threesomes. But trust has to be there, of course.
18. I love high heels as well as bare feet.
19. My taste in girls has strangely changed over time. I remember that Asians were so beautiful to me at one time. I didn’t like blondes. Then blondes were just the ideal, then redheads!
20. I always loved pale skin. Black hair and pale skin makes me nervous and ditsy.
21. Any kind of alternative non-mainstream type turns me on. Punk, skinhead, feral, goth. Just not mainstream.
22. I am very much an abstract thinker and need intelligent partners. I feel uncomfortable and turned off with physical flings where we don’t connect at all emotionally or mentally. As a guy, it is hard to find justification to other guys why I would say no to an encounter for the above reasons.
23. I’m curious about what sperm tastes like but can’t bring myself to taste mine. Although I have tasted my pre-cum.
24. The bi girl I was with had girls on the side but was honest about it. I was very hurt but glad for the honesty. I put up with it not willing to lose her. Even now, after we split, I fantasize about being with her. Though there is no way it could happen without me just taking her back and therefore confirming to her that she can do whatever she likes and still have me. I’m afraid it might be true and therefore avoid her.
25. There is a spot in between my anus and testicles that I push down on when I am cumming during masturbation. This lets me have the orgasm without squirting. A Taoist book told me the sperm goes inside me and helps the bones. It’s actually just convenient that I don’t dirty my bed sheet.