Tuesday, March 24, 2009

1. reading about other people's sex lives is just oh-so-much fun.

2. rarely have i ever been sexually attracted to someone without being attracted to their personality first.

3. having chapped and swollen lips the day/morning after due to kissing like a maniac will make me smile nonstop.

3. two years ago, when i identified as a lesbian (and had previously for six years), i decided to "go for it" and make the first move when i had feelings for my male friend, thus triggering an identity crisis and much confusion on my part. it also led to a beautiful connection and relationship. that bold decision was one of the things i have done that i am most proud of.

4. after the first time we had sex, my girlfriend made me egg and cheese on an english muffin for breakfast.

5. after another night of sex with her during which she said i smelled "like blueberries", we went out to breakfast and i ordered a toasted blueberry muffin.

6. the usage of ice on bare skin is quite hot.

7. the band portishead will forevermore make me think of the one time i have played spin the bottle, and the three sexual couplings that resulted from said game.

8. i love to make myself wet just thinking about something.

9. i rented a porno once, from an adult video store that i'd always passed and never gone in. the movie was terrible and i can't see myself doing that ever again.

10. getting stoned used to make me horny as hell, the past few times it's just made me emotional as hell.

11. an easy way to turn me into a puddle is to lick the sides of my breasts. or squeeze my ass. or just look me in the eyes a certain way.

12. the number of sexual partners i have/had is not what matters to me, what matters is the quality and fulfillment of my sexual experiences.

13. i will never understand people who engage in or condone cheating, which to me is any sexual experience with someone other than your partner. the idea of advertising for sex online also mystifies me, but to each their own, i guess.

14. i look for clean, short fingernails on other people.

15. if a man or woman hasn't showered and my nose can tell, my desire for them is heightened. i love the natural scent of ripeness.

16. english, welsh, scottish, irish, australian, and new zealand accents are all turn-ons for me.

17. my second girlfriend told me in the act that my hipbones were "like handlebars", and i loved it.

18. the first time i saw an in-the-flesh penis, i was 17 and hanging out with friends. everyone (but me, probably) was egging on the one guy present to do a little striptease and show off what he had. when he eventually did it, it was completely anti-climactic and i believe i wrinkled my face and looked away (while everyone else cheered).

19. i like to tickle the back of the scrotum. scrotums amuse me.

20. the first few times my boyfriend and i were in bed together, it had been so long for me that i could barely be touched without rolling over and giggling like a little girl. fortunately for both of us, we didn't give up that easily.

21. sometimes just flirting and having sexual chemistry with someone is the most fun thing.

22. condoms and pleasure for me do not go together. hopefully my trusting that i'm not as fertile as some won't come back to bite me in the ass ten years from now, when i perhaps may decide i want children after all.

23. on both men and women, i like boxers or boxer-briefs. or nothing.

24. i want to make out with someone while naked and under a waterfall. somehow, i will make this happen.

25. nothing is sexier than posing naked for an older photographer boyfriend.