Thursday, March 26, 2009

1. I grew to resent the fairer sex at a very young age which lasted through my grade school years. There was a young lady that was the daughter of my parents' bridge partners. It was clear she liked me but her flirtation would manifest itself with intense, sadistic pinching that would draw blood.

I seem to recall that she went to design finely engineered metal surgical equipment now that I think about it.

2. Mild peer pressure and overnight sleepovers led to exposure to my then best friend's extensive library of vanilla porn magazines that he inherited from his uncle at the age of twelve. That also led to my first orgasm from the sudden sensory overload (and a bit of discreet friction and pressure) after a previously sheltered existence. Nary has a day gone by without at least one orgasm since.

3. My main adolescent masturbation technique of choice was to shuffle my knuckles back and forth with varying degrees of pressure on top of my briefs. That with a combination of the sensation of having my cock trapped within my underwear would make for some very intense orgasms. Having a woman on top sliding back and forth, grinding her wet pussy and clitoris on my erect cock produces a similarly intense orgasm as well.

4. We lived in relatively close quarters as a family when I was in my adolescence and I could hear my parents going at it twice weekly and I do mean going at it. I only really minded it when friends were over... I couldn't turn the TV up loud enough on those nights.

5. Puberty came very late for me in relation to my peer group, which didn't help in matters of engaging with the opposite sex in the slightest once my interest in women came back in full force. I was always the non-threatening good guy/best friend and it was a fucking curse. Folks assumed that I was either asexual or deeply closeted for a time, but I'm probably the horniest person you will ever meet under my calm, understated veneer.

6. Add to that the double whammy of strict Catholicism and coming of age at the dawn of the AIDS-era had a debilitating effect on my sexual development. Not only was there the threat of eternal damnation to deal with for pre-marital sex, intercourse could now literally kill you and the step one could take to try protect oneself from STD (such as a condom) was a sin too.

7. In spite of my keen interest in sex and perpetual horniness once puberty did kick in, I really was an idiot about picking up the signals from women who were clearly interested in me and some of the opportunities missed. I mentally kick myself about how oblivious I was in retrospect, but I think I probably just missed out on a lot of fumbling, awkward experimentation, self-recrimination and hurt feelings.

8. Since puberty, I've been attracted to a wide variety of the female species... different hair colors, personalities, races, physical attributes and pop culture orientations but the constant point of attraction for me has always been the eyes... round, soft kind eyes just make me swoon.

9. The abandonment of my Catholic faith happens to coincide with the loss of my virginity at the age of sixteen. I can't honestly say that one event begat the other, but I won't say that it was unrelated either.

10. My sexual timidity was overcome by a completely uncharacteristic makeout session on the stairs of the balcony of an over-capacity movie theater during a midnight screening of "Rocky Horror Picture Show" at fifteen. She ran her fingernails (again with the fingernails) down my back very very slowly about five minutes into the film and then edged herself down to the landing next to me and it was off to the races from there. She was still the best kisser I've ever encountered and my cock was literally aching by the end of it from the strain against my jeans.

We never spoke again after that, making it all seem even more like some wonderful fever dream.

11. I've never slept with anyone that I wasn't in love with or at least thought I was in love with. I've always equated sexual sharing with real intimacy and never felt comfortable pursuing a casual encounter. Looking back, sure I missed out on some fun and variety, but ultimately, I don't really regret it.

12. I have never cheated on any of my lovers. Never. And I as absolutely sure that I would never will cheat on my wife. If I were to ever sleep with another woman, it would be with my wife's full awareness beforehand (or participation).

13. I had pursued my first real love interest for two years and finally got the nerve up to make a physical move and I think she was shocked into submitting when I finally did. She immediately broke up with her then-boyfriend and things got intense very very quickly. What I may have lacked in experience, I more than made up for in studiousness and attention. There wasn't a date that didn't end in at least an orgasm for her during our time together.

14. We did just about everything but actual penetrative sex with great fervor until just before we were about to consummate the relationship that she confronted me with the fact that she had an STD she'd gotten from an upperclassman. When we finally had sex (protected), the pressure and tension just became too much for either of us that relationship foundered very shortly after that. To this day, I appreciate the honesty and bravery that she exhibited in telling me, I did try to deal with it in a mature fashion, but it was just too much for me to bear as my first sex partner coupled with that damned Catholic guilt. She slept with my then-best friend a month later.

15. When my wife and I met, it was love at first sight. It took me some time to overcome my natural shyness and some lingering heartache from a previous relationship, but she truly was and is irresistible to me. I went down on her on our first date and I have been totally and completely infatuated with her ever since.

16. I love performing cunnilingus... the act, the taste, the reactions of the women I've been with. It's the time when my wife loses her self-control the most and it's just about the most erotic sight to behold. I'm getting aroused just thinking about it.

17. While it's not requisite, I do like a nice shaved/waxed pussy. After years of mild begging, my wife was talked into waxing it by my persistence and the validation of a couple girlfriends of hers. I don't think she'd ever admit that she "LIKES" it that way, but she does. Her arousal is markedly higher when she's bare and her lips so damn soft to the touch. I've got her just about ready to capitulate to an erotic shaving and I cannot wait.

18. My wife has this soft curve and depression on her hips just inside her pelvic bone that I could massage gently until the day I die.

19. She'd probably be a little bit mortified if she knew that I consume porn and erotica online, but I'm not ashamed of it nor do I think it's being dishonest. I just know that I should be discreet about it.

20. Thigh high stockings are about the sexiest piece of clothing ever created. I can still vividly remember the first time seeing a woman wearing them in a pictorial in an issue of my father's Playboy/Penthouse collection. It was and still is breathtaking.

21. Excessive tattoos are easily the biggest turnoff.

22. In a few weeks, my wife and I are going on vacation. We're going to have a really nice night out, a few drinks and then I'm going to take her back to our room, kneel down, strip off her panties from under her dress and eat her out while she's in a standing position in front of the hotel mirror so that she can see how sensual a creature she can be. It's good to remind folks of that regularly. From there, we'll improvise.

23. I can remember how strange I thought it was how some people sexually objectify pregnant women. But then when my wife got pregnant, I completely got it. There was this inner erotic beauty that she was radiating... of course the increased horniness and swelling breasts didn't hurt either.

24. I've never come in a woman's mouth, but would if asked.

25. While I miss the spontaneity of our sex life before kids, I do enjoy the anticipation of knowing exactly when sex is in the offing. My wife and I have a date this morning to fuck after the kids are off to school and the pent-up horniness is exhilarating.