Thursday, March 26, 2009

1. I adore when my boyfriend pulls my hair and spanks me in bed. I also like being pinned down and hearing him say "you're mine" when he fucks me from behind.
2. I have never had an orgasm.
3. I love riding my boyfriend to orgasm and experimenting with different positions.
4. The first blowjob I ever gave was to a guy whose last name I didn't know and was in a mall parking lot.
5. I went on a date with a guy 9 years my senior and proceeded to give him a blowjob.
6. I didn't have my first kiss until I was 19 years old. In the course of the year after that, I had sex with three guys, kissed 7, and gave head to 4.
7. I have soaked numerous pairs of panties just from giving my boyfriend head and also just from kissing him.
8. I am a fan of masturbation--both watching and doing. I have masturbated with stuffed animals, pillows, an electric toothbrush and a detachable shower head. I have also masturbated in front of my boyfriend. Watching my boyfriend jerk off is a huge turn on for me. There's just something about watching him stroke and rub himself that I find immensely appealing.
9. Despite being a large girl, I like taking naked/naughty pictures for my boyfriend and watching his reaction when he sees them. My favorite pose? Kneeling, one finger inside of me and the other in a "shh" position on my lips.
10. I have no issues watching porn and prefer watching two girls together.
11. I've never intentionally tried anal sex. My boyfriend stuck it in the wrong hole once and I bled. I haven't tried it again since.
12. Ever since getting my nipples pierced my nipple sensitivity has increased greatly. It always felt good when someone touched or licked them but now it causes me to gasp in ecstasy.
13. My nipple piercings also cause my nipples to always be partially erect.
14. I had sex twice before my hymen broke.
15. I like the idea of FFM threesomes, but only when it comes to the girl on girl part. The idea of my boyfriend with another person drives me insane.
16. I have yet to buy a sex toy, try anal sex, get a clitoral hood piercing, have sex outside and have sex in the shower... but I plan on doing all of these things.
17. The first time I had sex I didn't even realize the guy's penis was inside of me. He was that small.
18. The second guy I had sex with was drunk and couldn't keep an erection.
19. Having my fingers sucked by my boyfriend makes my toes curl.
20. I have had cybersex but never phone sex.
21. Literotica is a huge turn on for me, both reading & writing it.
22. Most of my fantasies revolve around having sex in water- hot tubs, lakes, oceans, pools, etc.
23. I always swallow when I give a blowjob.
24. Having my boyfriend grind against me with nothing but a pair of panties separating us makes me immeasurably wet.
25. I have no problem kissing my boyfriend after he performs oral sex on me or sucking on his fingers after he inserts them in me.