Thursday, March 26, 2009

1. If anything sexual is mentioned to me or around me, I am suddenly more interested and turned on.
2. When I was very young I stumbled across an old 70's porno that was mistakenly labeled as "Beetlejuice" by my parents. Because of this, when I was about 13, I started stealing their pornos from their room and secretly watching them.
3. I learned how to masturbate manually through one of those pornos.
4. I lost my virginity when I was 18, and I only had sex because I wanted to know what it felt like. I didn't even really like the guy.
5. I've had sex 5 times, and every single one of them had something to do with either curiosity or alcohol. I have only had sex with someone I was genuinely attracted to once.
6. That one guy died last year, and I found myself imagining the night we had sex above everything else.
7. I maintain that I will no longer have intercourse unless I'm in love. However, I have thoughts of myself getting penetrated constantly.
8. It's either impossible for me to have a vaginal orgasm, or I'm just not attracted enough to the guys I'm sleeping with. A large part of me thinks I just settle for any guy that gives me sexual attention.
9. I just bought my first vibrator today.
10. I was nearly raped when I was 13, and sometimes I fantasize about what it would be like to get overpowered and forced.
11. I've watched strange porn like homosexual males, S&M, bestiality, and rape fantasies.
12. My favorite type of porn is real, genuine people pleasuring themselves or having rough, aggressive sex with their real-life lover.
13. My best friend confessed to me that he is gay, and I've found myself frequently picturing myself giving him a blow-job.
14. My sister (who is only 2 yrs younger than me) and I used to act out sexual depictions in movies when we were very very young.
15. We also used to stay up late and tell my mom we were watching Cartoon Network, then switch to Skinemax.
16. Movies become monumentally more interesting to me if there is a decent sex scene in it. However, I get embarrassed watching sex scenes in front of anyone other than myself.
17. One of my best friends is a lesbian and constantly offers to be my first girl experience. I have considered this.
18. I have very large breasts-38G. Although I hardly ever wear revealing clothing, I like to catch men staring at my chest and thus flaunt it in front of them.
19. I have been told by every single man I've given head to that I am the very best they have ever had.
20. Unfortunately, I've only had an orgasm once by someone else's doing. Why I didn't marry him right then and there I will never know...
21. I walked around my room naked one day, and my dog proceeded to lick my ass. Although I quickly jumped away and said no, a part of me enjoyed it
22. I like to swallow.
23. I am much more interested in a man if he is not single, and I frequently fantasize about having sex with my friends' boyfriends.
24. I long to have sex in a public place.
25. My gynecologist is sexy. I often wonder if he knows I think this about him when he examines me by the way I "react." I often fantasize about being ravaged by him.