Thursday, March 26, 2009

1. Even though I'm more interested in women than men, I think I'd really enjoy having sex with a guy. I'm afraid that if I wait much longer (I just turned 20) guys will think it weird that I'm still a virgin and won't want to take my virginity.

2. I feel like I'm repressing a incidence of childhood molestation, even though I have no memory of it. I feel like it would explain the reason for many of my issues.

3. I started masturbating to internet porn when I was in 5th grade. by 6th grade I was pretty much masturbating to orgasm on a daily basis. I've slowed down to about 3/4 times a week now, but I still have a lot of difficulty coming without a vibrator/porn. I think I've conditioned myself to it.

4. I've watched most kinds of porn, and my favorite kinds switch often. The one kind that I consistently hate with a passion are straight porn stars with long nails doing lesbian porn. I've recently been really into porn of women wetting themselves.

5. I love eating girls out, but I really don't care for getting head.

6. Even though I've had 8+ sexual partners, only one has been able to make me cum. I think that the reason that person could make me cum was because they were the only one that I was in love with.

7. I love being dominated--pushed up against a wall, scratched, bruised, bit, not getting what I want... you name it, I love it!

8. When I was in elementary school, I found BDSM erotica in a word document on my moms computer. It terrified me, yet I read all 10 or so pages of it. I don't remember it turning me on, maybe because I thought my mom had written it.

9. I prefer 'fucking' to 'making love'.

10. I love making foreplay into a night-long activity: Going out with whoever I'm dating, grinding on the dance floor, playing footsies, under the table gropes, prolonged eye contact, pushing it until the very moment we get home and rip each other's clothes off.

11. I'm embarrassed sometimes by how much I fantasize about boys. I don't think that I could ever be emotionally involved with one, but the idea of a guy lusting for me, getting hard when I touch his thigh, is a total turn on. I'm embarrassed because I'm afraid if I tell people they'll think that I've turned straight.

12. Although I enjoy sex drunk, I think there is something particularly amazing to being completely aware and present when having sex sober.

13. I can't stand wearing socks/having someone else wear socks when I'm having sex, unless we're already clothed.

14. I love getting hickeys, but I feel like I'm too old to have them on my neck anymore, even though that is where they feel best.

15. One of the most pleasurable sexual experiences I've ever had is when my ex gave me a rim-job before fingering my ass. I've never felt more intimate with someone than when I fully spread myself for my partner. I've never let anyone near there since, even though I'd love to have it offered again.

16. I no longer like kissing with tongue. It was a lot of fun when I was a young teen, but I feel like I've grown out of it.

17. Because I'm an only child, I had a lot of time to myself as a kid, and used to create insane orgies in my room with all my dolls and teddy bears.

18. When I was in elementary/middle school, I would have cyber sex with older men online. I didn't really realize what it was at the time, and I wouldn't masturbate while I did it, but I realize now that was one of the first places I learned about sex.

19. Even though I grew up in a liberal community with supportive parents, I still feel oddly guilty when I fantasize/hook up with a girl. As much as I think that I am out and proud, the greater societies values still invade my thoughts.

20. The best orgasms I have are in the shower.

21. Whenever I do masturbate manually, I use my right hand, even though I'm left handed

22. There are naked, sexual pictures of me on the internet I'm sure somewhere, seeing as I have sent them to a few exes. Hopefully they have stayed private, but you never know.

23. I don't like a full bush on myself or anyone else. Maybe this is me prescribing to what society thinks women should look like, but I don't care.

24. I'm generally not attracted to anyone shorter than me, women or men, and therefore have always dated people my height or taller.

25. I often disclose and ask too much about people's sex lives. I just find what other people do in bed (or not in bed) insanely interesting.