Sunday, March 22, 2009

1. I’m a virgin, but I have the highest sex drive out of anyone I’ve ever met. I can’t go more than a minute or two without thinking about sex. I don’t think I could be in a long-term relationship with someone with a low sex drive.

2. I was sexually assaulted when I was twelve by one of my guy friends while a female friend held me down (she was my age, he was 14). I think I was more affected by him calling me “fat and ugly” than by the actual assault.

3. When I was eight, I went to see Titanic in the movies and during the sex scene I became aroused for the first time. Shortly thereafter I started masturbating by humping pillows in bed at night.

4. Though I’ve made out and been fingered by a number of partners, I’m really insecure about my inexperience because of the virgin thing. At the same time, I know I’m great in bed without ever having had sex.

5. I’ve never done anything sexual with a person I was close to. It scares me to be emotionally and physically connected to someone, even though I also desperately want that intimacy.

6. I check out women more than men.

7. I’m sexually more attracted to women, but emotionally to men.

8. I will kiss/play around with anyone, especially if alcohol is involved, but I would never allow myself to be penetrated by someone I didn’t trust completely.

9. Only one partner has ever made me orgasm, usually only my own fingers can do it.

10. Except once, I’ve only orgasmed from clit stimulation. The one other time I was half-imagining, half-dreaming I was dominating and ordering a guy and a girl I knew at the time to please me sexually. As the girl in my dream was licking my clit and the guy was penetrating me, I had the most intense orgasm I’ve ever experienced.

11. If I found a partner I trusted, I would try almost anything in bed. ANYTHING.

12. I’m disgusted by the thought of large, hairy men. I never understood the appeal of the Neanderthal type and I prefer skinny, androgynous boys.

13. I love getting pierced, and have almost come from the endorphin rush of a needle going through my skin.

14. I really enjoy gay porn. Not lesbian porn so much, just two or more guys together.

15. With that said, if I were to have a threesome, I would want m/m/f, and for both guys to penetrate me at once. I just love the feeling of being crushed in between two masculine bodies, feeling their desire from the front and from behind. I think this has to do with my constant need to feel wanted.

16. I hate meeting friend’s boyfriends and crushes because I don’t know how to be around guys my age without trying to get them to want me and picturing them fucking me.

17. In my free time, I write erotica, particularly almost-incest between step-siblings.

18. Once I pop the cherry, I believe I will become quite promiscuous. However, I refuse to fuck women or men who aren’t completely beautiful.

19. Every time I see a man, I wonder how large his dick is. If he’s hot, I imagine giving him head and making him grunt and moan the way guys do in pleasure.

20. I’m attracted solely to people who look interesting. The average, girl-next-door or all-American boy look turns me off. My friends are always confused about who I don’t and do find hot.

21. Sometimes, I stand in front of the mirror in sexy underwear and touch myself. I’m more turned on by my own flawed body than any airbrushed ones on TV and in magazines. Also, I’d love to be fucked in said fancy underwear.

22. I think the sexiest part of a man’s body is the upper pelvic area, especially if his hip bones stuck out. I think the sexiest part of a woman’s body is her shoulders and the curve of her neck.

23. The most aroused I have ever been was when a guy I had been having a long, intense conversation told me, and I quote “It’s like angel wings should break through your shoulders at any minute, you’re like a broken angel,” before we started making out. This makes me think I’m more emotional and romantic than I let on.

24. I love getting my breasts touched, especially having my nipples licked and lightly bitten. I wear shirts that show cleavage often because I enjoy the way men look at my DD breasts, even men I have no interest in whatsoever.

25. Making out is my favorite thing in the world. A good kisser can get anywhere he/she wants with me. The hottest thing is when the person I’m making out with softly sucks my tongue while pressing against me. I love when a guy is hard and kissing me and I just grind up against him and have dry sex up against a wall or other flat surface.