Wednesday, March 4, 2009

1. When I was five or so, I was molested by my Dad's 20-30 something roommate every weekend I'd go to visit. Dad would leave to run errands, and I'd lay on the bed for "naptime" while his roommate would rub my clit and mildly finger me - sometimes it hurt, but mostly felt good. Nobody knows about this.

2. I broke my own hymen when I was in early elementary school, and I had squatted over the posts from my bed while experimenting. I started bleeding, freaked out, and begged my mom to see if I cut myself.

3. My first kiss was when I was in fourth grade playing truth or dare. It was a french kiss, and we basically made out in front of everyone. I've never had a problem with PDAs.

4. Getting good oral sex is difficult, and I've never orgasmed from that alone. I wish I could!

5. I'm in love with and sleeping with two guys, total opposites of each other. I'm mostly shocked because I tend to pick guys with medium builds, fuller lips, and medium to large dicks (just the way it's worked out) and this new guy has none of these qualities. He's very broad-shouldered, has slight lips, and one of the smallest cocks I've had the opportunity to use. And the typical one is my five-year s.o. It's a nice change of pace.

6. I've slept with something like 15-20 people. I don't much care to keep track anymore. I already know who gave me HPV.

7. Getting into bdsm was the best thing ever. It's been part of my sexual lifestyle for a long time. I love being submissive, but now my current boyfriend is a switch and so I have a hard time enjoying submitting for him because mentally I can't react as well knowing that. I would prefer an aggressive dom, and so I enjoy making him submit to me more.

8. I set sexual standards for myself at an early age, and almost all have been broken: don't sleep with anyone my friends have, keep track of who and how many, don't sleep with more than one person in a 24-hr period, save anal sex for marriage.

9. I guess I'm pretty slutty, but sometimes I love the power that comes with being a slut. One of my favorite memories is having a FMF threesome with my highschool buddy and her boyfriend, and then leaving immediately after to go see my fuck buddy/lover - none of which were my significant other. It made me feel so sexy and wanted and I had a lot of fun.

10. Although incredibly dangerous, I would love to be asphyxiated to the point of unconsciousness during sex. I love to be choked. I discovered this when I was young and my friends and I would play that game where you make each other pass out. I would always wake up extremely excited and horny as hell.

11. Once, I woke up to find that my boyfriend was in the process of fucking me, and it was a lovely, gradual way to wake up.

12. Although, once I woke up from a drunken stupor and found some guy we partied with that night in the midst of fucking me. Not cool. I know I went to sleep alone before that.

13. I dislike taking birth control, and if I had the choice, I wouldn't. The only reason I started was because I got pregnant senior year of high school and had an abortion because I wanted to go to college. I do not want to go through that ever again, and I've taken Plan B at least 3 times.

14. However, I can physically feel when a man is about to come inside me - especially if we are missionary - and that sensation pushes me right to the edge, so I have a tendency to keep going to see if I can get my own climax out of it before he does. Hasn't worked yet, unfortunately.

15. I've seen some hot porn, but it's a give or take for me. I don't actively seek it out, my boyfriend supplies us once in a while.

16. The first time I ever saw porn I was 16 and hanging out in my best friend's grandparents' basement. Her grandpa had a blank tape, with probably the hairiest porn stars ever. It was from the 70s. We laughed the whole time.

17. My boyfriend and I just got a latex hood, and a gas mask. He says they're both for me, but I'm probably going to be able to get him into the hood more often than me. I tried it on, and it was so embarrassing I only kept it on for two minutes, and had him wear it the rest of the night.

18. I don't masturbate that much. Honestly, probably once or twice a month. And it's not because I'm having lots of sex and getting off, because those actually aren't true either. I'd say I just don't think about it or need it, and rarely want it.

19. Virginity lost at 13, to my boyfriend who was 15. On the living room floor of my (empty) house. We tried upstairs on the hallway floor, but it was too painful...and even still made me cry when it happened. It was more of a "yay, finally" thing than a passionate thing.

20. I've shaved myself since I was probably 13 or 14. I prefer having little to no hair there, and I am happy when I see a guy will trim as well. It just looks more hygienic to me, and I can't stand getting hair in my mouth, so I try to return the favor. I even shaved my best friend because she was afraid to cut herself.

21. I've gone down on three girls, and sometimes I'll be in the process of going down on my boyfriend and fantasize about it being a pussy instead. Sometimes I think my tongue skills are meant to please a woman. I have an oral fixation, and love using my mouth on anyone and anything.

22. One of my funniest memories of sex: my friend and I picked up some random guys, one of which I thought was really attractive. We proceeded to get very drunk, and he knew I was interested, so I gave him some head. He started talking all kinds of smack about how great it would be if we did more, so we started to have sex. IT WAS SO BAD! He was obviously too drunk and just kind of laid there on top of me, barely even pushing. But there he goes again talking about how great it was. He asked me "isn't it the best you've ever had?" I said "Nope! Not even close!" and jumped off mid-coitus. Haha.

23. One traumatic memory: In high school, my boyfriend at the time (lost my virginity to this one) and I were walked in on by his little brother. We were teenagers, and his brother was pre-teen I guess. He walked in the room and goes, "WHAT are you DOING?!!" Ugh, I cried so hard, it was so embarrassing and I was deathly afraid he was going to tell our moms.

24. I love my pussy being stretched. I have inflatable toys that get absolutely huge, and the best feeling is having a completely full pussy while I play with my clit. Those are the best orgasms.

25. I've accomplished a lot sexually: do it outside, all kinds of kinky, fetish requests, cybersex, plenty of oral, anal, vaginal, multiple positions, multiple partners at a time, trained and educated a virgin, toys, public places...and at this point I don't know what else I can do that will get me really heartbeatingly excited. I'm 23 and somewhat bored with it.