Friday, March 6, 2009

1. I don't really like to define my sexuality. I just like sleeping with the best looking, smartest, funniest, most talented people. If I have good chemistry with a person, I find no reason why it matters whether he or she has a penis or a vagina.

2. Watching people eat is my number one turn-on. There is something about the process of tasting and mastication that gets me all hot and bothered. Decadent meals filled with different flavors, colors, and textures excite me. As a result of my fetish, people tend to gain a lot of weight when we date. One of my ex-girlfriends gained almost 20 pounds in 10 months. No wonder she broke up with me.

3. I've had several threesomes, but only with women. I much prefer having sex with just one person at a time. I really like to focus on the person I'm engaged with and hate to split my attention.

4. I have fucked two guys in the ass with a strap-on. One was my long-term boyfriend at the time who said he was unsure if he liked it, but insisted on taking it hard and often. The other was a casual lover that enthusiastically loved it. I never really enjoyed doing it.

5. I've masturbated 3-5 times a day since I was 12 years old. Even if I have sex all day long, I find a time or create a circumstance where I can masturbate.

6. I don't know much Spanish, but it is the only way I like to talk dirty. I guess the exotic is erotic to me.

7. I lost my virginity to my third boyfriend in high school at age 16. He has a 9" penis and his was the first I ever saw in real life. We dated for years and I assumed that he was an average size. I was disappointed with hetero-sex for a long time after we split up, but now prefer a smaller penis.

8. My boyfriend when I was 15 ended up starting his transition from male to female while we were dating in high school. I began to love him more as he got more fem.

9. I love giving blowjobs. I can go down on a guy for hours. I've never swallowed.

10. I once dated a guy that liked to get peed on. I agreed to pee on him, but only in the shower. I am ashamed to say that I was disgusted and broke up with him shortly after. I never told him that was one of the main reasons.

11. I hate the absence of body hair. I like when men have at least a little chest hair and when women have hairy armpits. I can't stand when people remove all of their pubic hair. It freaks me out and makes oral sex less enjoyable to give. I, myself, do shave my armpits and legs, but only trim my pubies.

12. I know it is snobby, but it is difficult for me to be attracted to someone that hasn't gone to college. The best-looking person I ever dated closely resembled Johnny Depp. When we were out on a date he got stopped and asked for an autograph. After he told me that he (at 27) had never read a whole "chapter book" I had to break things off.

13. My first girlfriend was a porn movie actress. She once got me really drunk and secretly taped us having sex with one of her female co-workers. She put the recording on her website without my knowledge and profited from it. It is the closest thing to rape that I've ever experienced.

14. The only time I've ever been roofied was at a gay pride parade. I was hanging out with a group of queers that I didn't know very well and a very large women slipped something into my drink. I knew something was wrong almost immediately and literally ran away. My disoriented self panicked and I called my dad. I told him the situation and he stayed on the phone with me and helped me stay coherent enough to find my car. I passed out in the back seat with the doors locked and drove home a few hours later. That was many years ago, but my dad and I haven't discussed it since.

15. I have a very addictive personality and I have a tendency to get really obsessed with things that I like. I'll fixate on certain musicians', writers', or artists' work and my passion for the art inevitably leads to me having huge crushes on that creator. In almost every case, I've met and had sexual relationships (not just one night stands) with each person I sought.

16. I've never had a one night stand and only once went home with someone I had met the same day.

17. I am a thin person and had small breasts all through high school. The girls in the locker room used to tease me about my twiglike physique when we changed for swim practice. I guess I was a late bloomer, because I grew to a 32DD in college. Now I am a 32E and could not be happier with my body. Screw you, high school bitches!

18. I don't consider myself a shy person and love to talk about sex all the time and with anyone. Discussing the intricacies of people's fetishes and perversions makes for the best conversations.

19. I love kissing and making out. I could do it for hours. Really anything that involves mouths is pleasurable to me.

20. I've never written or received a love letter, but have sent many dirty text messages.

21. Maybe it is the combination of the perfect rhythm and his voice, but I've recently discovered that Lil Wayne's Carter 3 can make me cum really hard every time I either masturbate or have sex while listening that album.

22. I'm definitely a submissive and like it when I'm choked, thrown around, and bitten during sex. But I never want to be slapped in the face, nor do I want to hit my partner in in the face. I've been asked to several times and by multiple people, but always adamantly refuse.

23. I tend to be extremely loud during sex. This has proved to make awkward conversations with both my housemates and the housemates of the people I'm sleeping with.

24. When I was a child, my brother and cousins used to hold me down and tickle my feet. Now, I can't handle when anyone has contact with my feet at all. Even when I am in bed with someone, I wear socks or keep my feet from ever touching anyone else's skin. It is a big deal and a huge hurdle of trust when I get comfortable enough with someone for our feet to touch.

25. I inevitably have crushes on each of my friends at some point. I've been very conscious of my feelings and have done my best to not sleep with anyone I want to maintain a close non-romantic relationship with. So far, I'd say I'm working at a 75% success rate of not doing it with my friends. To the other 25% of you, either "thanks!" or "sorry!"