Tuesday, March 3, 2009

1. I lost my virginity to a guy I met off Craigslist at 21. I clearly stated that I was a virgin in my ad, unwilling to move back into my parent’s house from Orange County without fucking at least one person. I don’t remember his name, only that he had a beard and that I had sex with him twice, once with my roommates babysitting and coloring a picture of a meat market in the room adjacent. While we were watching Big Trouble in Little China and/or fucking. I think we visited a sex shop on our second ‘date’, between sex acts 1 & 2 before heading back to fuck again. Since then I’ve had sex with 6 more people in the span of 3 years.

2. I went to Catholic school as a child and remember getting spanked/paddled on a pretty continuous basis. I still thank Catholicism for turning me into a kinky bastard.

3. I masturbated at a super early age, rolling socks around tennis balls and shoving them inside pillows to rub myself against – before I found that a simple finger went a long way. I then moved on to internet porn (downstairs at my parents computer) and often stole my dad’s porn while he was at work.

4. I experimented with my best friend in elementary through junior high. We’d touch each other’s breasts and dry hump, role playing and often turning to the idea of rape scenes. I used to remember feeling excited when I’d spend the night, hoping that we’d get the chance to ‘play’.

5. I stole foreign cartoon porn mags from my library. Somehow they managed to slip through the cracks and there was plenty enough breasts and dick to get me off.

6. The first time I gave head I got drunk, threw up and then blew him. I swallowed and remember him handing me a cup after, not realizing that his cum was already gone. The very next week I threw a party at my friend’s house and he brought a girl with him. I caught him fooling around in my friend’s bathroom/bedroom and lost it. I think I scared half the room yelling at him through the door.

7. I am intimidating. I’ve had short hair for years (ever since cutting 12 inches off shortly after fucking no name all those years ago) and am constantly being mistaken for a lesbian. I’m not though. I don’t mind fooling around with women put prefer cock over breasts/vagina any day. I’ve tried going down on women but the concept freaks me out.

8. I’m kinky. My friend built me a bed with restraints, which I’ve yet to use. I own 6 vibrators, two but plugs, a blindfold, nipple clamps, a ball gag, wrist/ankle restraints and a leather collar. I’m looking to invest in more.

9. My last boyfriend introduced me to BDSM officially. I have experimented with : flogging, caning, paddling, whipping, spanking, bastinado, choking, biting, anal play, etc. Curious about many other aspects of BDSM but have yet to explore further. The whole mind interaction is what interests me mostly, how deep you can go and how fully you can give yourself to your partner for that moment – also, the interaction between yourself and the actual physical sensations. I’ve always been an avid fan of pain.

10. I used to masturbate on a daily basis. Now I’m lucky if I masturbate 2-3 times a week.

11. I’m very vocal about my sexuality. I think it’s important to be comfortable with yourself and because I am already bold, outspoken and blunt it just exaggerates this ten-fold.

12. I’ve only ever really dated 3-4 people in my life, the longest relationship of which was 5 months long. I’m picky and because I’m so aggressive, once I get sick of dealing with something that I think is bullshit I move on. I didn’t have sex with my ex and while we were pretty sexually active in the way of S&M I only managed to give him head twice and he got me off a total of 3 times. I once gave him head for an hour and the entire time he had problems staying hard.

13. I tend to recycle fuck buddies. A habit that gets tiring and old real quick.

14. I’ve lost over 60 pounds. I was super heavy all throughout my adolescence and it took me a long time to get over that hump until I realized that even though I was still curvy, my new body was something beautiful and completely sexy.

15. I’m a sensualist. I love touching people and when I’m in a relationship with someone I tend to run my hands all over them whenever possible. Dick, balls, ass, beard, chest, etc. I am an ass woman though, regardless of the size.

16. I’m overtly sexual. I think I breathe, think, eat, melt, bleed sex. I am guilty of starting at men and wondering what they would be like in bed. What they’re beards would feel like on my pussy and how big their cock is.

17. I like it super rough in bed. The more bruises left the better. And as much as I hate marks left on my neck the feeling of teeth against my skin is the surest way to have me wet, wet, wet. I once left covered with bruises, from thigh all the way up.

18. I like to be pushed around. Manhandled. I push in life but am turned off by somehow who is gentle and careful in the bedroom. I want to be thrown around like a doll and forced into place. Being restrained is beyond aggravating but sexually appealing to me – the idea of being controlled, contained is attractive.

19. I’ve had dreams of threesomes. Men, women, men and women. The idea of double or even triple penetration is a complete turn on.

20. I’m in love with the idea of the emotionally unavailable man. Even as much as I hate to admit it. Every guy I am attracted to is in someway shut off, not only from me and the rest of the world but also to himself. It’s a cycle I need to escape from.

21. I’ve masturbated to Tom Waits. His voice makes me beyond wet.

22. I have never, ever dated or been with someone beard-less. I have a beard fetish. Also, the scent of a dirty man or sweat on their skin makes my heart skip a beat.

23. I have no time for relationships but yearn for sex. I don’t even so much want the attention but the actual physical interaction. Cock to vagina. I crave sexual penetration in every way imaginable. I yearn for casual sex but have yet to find the perfect partner that doesn’t come with manageable baggage.

24. I’ve considered turning to vagina many times. But love the taste of cock in my mouth. I have a complete oral fixation and love giving head. I don’t think I could ever deal with vaginas when balls are so much fun to play with. I love watching the look on a guy’s face when I suck the tip and swirl it with my tongue.

25. I haven’t had sex in 2 months and my vagina is hungry.