Tuesday, March 10, 2009

1 - I know I'm not gay, and I know I'm not straight, but I won't admit I'm bisexual cos the lesbian community judges me - it saddens me that I am effectively excluded from my own community but I guess I don't identify with a lot of 'bisexual' women who will kiss girls, claim they're bi but could never sleep with/date one.

2 - I own enough sex toys to fill a small 'adult store' - flag that, a BIG adult store. Unfortunately I only use 3 or 4 of the hundred odd I own.

3 - I used to fuck my friend and his wife (both at the same time) but I think she fell in love with me so I walked away.

4 - I think my anal fantasies date back to when I was abused as a young teenager. I think it's also the reason I like the song Pony by Ginuwine, I remember it playing in the car when he drove me somewhere to molest me for the last time - I feel kinda guilty for liking the song because of this.

5 - I fucking LOVE breasts, I only just discovered how much I like small breasts when I was dating a girl with possibly the world's hottest A cups.

6 - I am more self conscious fully clothed than when I am butt nekkid, maybe it has something to do with company, maybe not.

7 - I secretly fucked a good male friend of mine a couple of times in the last few months, neither of us can tell any of our friends because of the first thing on my list, and I feel bad he has to lie about what he's been up to but I am selfish enough to still want it kept a secret.

8 - I love to kiss, it's the best kind of foreplay ever, I could kiss for hours and I know I do it well - the woman (who is in a relationship) that I have been sneakily kissing when we're not with her partner kisses like she's raping my mouth... and not in a good way.

9 - I dream about fucking someone's mouth, call it oral fixation, but I dream of having a penis and using it to almost choke someone.

10 - I masturbate almost daily, whether I'm in a relationship or not, some people feel this is because they're not satisfying me, I can't tell if that's what it is, or if it's a comfort thing.

11 - I can't count the amount of people I have slept with on two hands but I can count the amount of people who have taken my breath away with AMAZING bedroom talents on one.

12 - Rape fantasy gets me hot.

13 - I moan, scream, swear etc. something chronic when I'm really enjoying sex but I hate when my partner at the time is silent, I know some people just are, but no matter how much they're enjoying it I feel inadequate.

14 - I used to date a squirter, I thought it was incredibly hot because when she squirted it meant she was really letting go and coming hard, she hated it because of the mess and therefore rarely did it.

15 - The smell of a particular soap always reminds me of the girl whose pussy smelled like soap and sexiness.

16 - I know I give good head, to guys and girls, I love the taste of a woman but I'm not too fussed on guys.

17 - When I masturbate I always have to lie on my back, with my legs clenched, playing only with my clit - I can rarely come any other way by myself.

18 - I had the most passionate sex with the girl listed in number 14, I miss just lying naked in bed exploring her, I could literally go down on her for hours at a time.

19 - I wish I could see all of my friends naked so I could see what it is they're all so paranoid about with their bodies. I can assure you that seeing them naked would not make them any less beautiful in my eyes.

20 - Kink and the idea of people exploring their taboo fetishes intrigues me, I look at websites of people with odd fetishes just to see if I can figure it out, I can't.

21 - I just bought a new ball gag.

22 - I find androgyny incredibly attractive in women, but not at all in men.

23 - I think I may have only gone out with one of my first boyfriends to make his best friend jealous (because that's who I wanted) but I used him and let him use me until I achieved my goal - he cried over the break up, I felt nothing. I bedded his best friend and cheated on him the entire time.

24 - I love being fucked with a strap-on if the person who's doing it knows how to do it properly.

25 - I wish someone would dominate me, I wish they would tie me up, hold me down, pull my hair, call me names, and take what they want from me. No one has yet done this with my consent and the only person who did it without my consent doesn't count anyway.