Wednesday, March 11, 2009

1. I've slept with 9 men but I only count 7 of them and I only admit to 4. I'm 22 years old.
2. The first two guys that I slept with were both uncircumcised. The first time I slept with a circumcised guy I was confused.
3. I've slept with a Peruvian and 2 Jews and the rest were white guys. The Peruvian was the best. I think he also had the most experience.
4. I was the only female working at a boat store during my teenage summers. I let one of my bosses finger me while I was cleaning up the checkout area one afternoon. My other co-workers were going about their duties in the store. It was hot.
5. I've had sex in the middle of a soccer field at night, on the end of 2 docks (also at night), on a boat, in the backseat of a pickup truck, and I gave a blowjob to a past boyfriend in the university library. I liked fucking at the end of a dock. It was usually hard and fast. Then we'd roll over and look at the stars
6. I was a good girl until I got to mom taught at my high school and I was very sheltered. I lost my virginity at 18 to my first boyfriend after dating him for 3 months. It just happened one night...we had done so much fooling around before that that it just seemed natural to go further. It didn't hurt at all. He was a virgin too. We used to count condoms to figure out how many times we had had sex...until I got on the pill 2 months later. (The number was over 60.)
7. The first time I got a guy off with my hand I felt so exhilarated. So much power in my hands!
8. I like it rough. Throw me around, pull me by the hair, tie me up and have at it.
9. I keep it neat but I still have most of my pubic hair. I'm somewhat afraid to have a Brazilian wax. Only one of the guys has mentioned anything about it (he was very polite in the way he inquired).
10. I don't like it when guys go down on me. Given, only 4 of them have tried it but I usually pull them back up. I guess I'm too self conscious to enjoy it. What a shame.
11. I usually hold my breath when I masturbate. I don't often masturbate in front of guys. I masturbated in front of the Peruvian and he saw what I was doing and started choking me himself. It was one of the best orgasms I've ever had.
12. I was given a vibrator by the boss that fingered me (see #4); I call it my Lightsaber. I'm currently in grad school and I left that vibrator at home over 1000 miles away. I need to get another one. Seriously. (Truthfully, the Lightsaber never got tons of use because it's kinda loud. Plus, I'm pretty good at getting myself off just using my fingers to play with my clit.)
13. I would consider myself bi or at least bi-curious. I'm not sure if this is fair to admit since I haven't yet had experience with women. I find women so attractive and I would jump at the chance at being part of a FFM threesome but...nothing yet.
14. I shared a room until I was 16. I started masturbating when I was 11. Luckily my sister is 3 years younger than I am and a heavy sleeper.
15. I bought a pair of handcuffs as part of my Halloween costume when I was 18...they've come in handy over the years. I have used them on guys and they have used them on me. I've found that I love to be teased.
16. I miss having sex while stoned. Everything feels amazing.
17. I've had 4 partners in the past 30 days. I feel like a slut. During my four years in undergrad I only had 2 partners and they were both boyfriends.
18. The two men I "don't count" (see #1) were older; one was the boss from #4 and the other guy was his friend. I was over 18 but they used me and I didn't realize it until later. *shudders*
19. I adore cuddling after sex. I sleep best with someone is in bed with me.
20. If a guy doesn't make noise when he comes I'm very disappointed.
21. I don't mind it at all when a guy comes on me. In fact, I've always wanted a guy to either come on my face or give me a pearl necklace. But he can clean it up afterward.
22. Action movies make me really horny. (examples: James Bond films, Watchmen, 300, Sin City)
23. I can't go more than a few weeks without sex; I get riled up and grumpy. Exercising until I'm exhausted helps but there's nothing like a good fucking.
24. I hate the double standard. I want to keep my "number" low but I want to have sex w/more people so I can learn more about what I like sexually and also what others like.
25. I love to bite, scratch, and grab. I've been dubbed "Eagle" because of the scratch marks I've left. At least I grew out of my hickey-giving phase...