Wednesday, March 11, 2009

1. I lost my virginity when I was 17, to my internet boyfriend of a year and a half. All we ever did for the six weeks we spent together was have sex.

2. It was terrible, horrible sex. But we had so much fun doing it. We broke up a few months later.

3. I have slept with 12 men and 6 women. I don't have a preference as to which I prefer.

4. The last woman I was with loved to be fisted- and I loved doing it. Now I'm obsessed with the idea of it, but not sure how to ask my boyfriend to do it to me.

5. In terms of being stimulated and getting off- I love being fingered more than anything else. Hands down. (Pun intended.) I hate oral sex, but pretend to love it because everyone seems to think it's some sort of big deal.

6. I only really like sex if I actually care about the person that I'm with. Otherwise I just have to be drunk enough to think that I like it. Bonus points if I'm drunk and I really like you.

7. The best sex I've ever had was with a 16 year old virgin. I was 2 years older than him at the time, and after the first time we had sex we'd fuck 2 or 3 times a day for months on end. By the end of our relationship we had sex once a week, and that was it. Never more. He was also the biggest I've ever been with.

8. I have had sex in more cars than I can recall.

9. I've only been in one threeway. It was with one of my close friends and some random guy at a party. We didn't plan it- we all just ended up making out in some strangers bed, and one thing led to another. The entire party knew about it and yet when it was over we all acted like nothing had happened and went back downstairs and danced.

10. I want to be in (many) more- but I'm not sure how to dictate that while being in a relationship. My boyfriend is all about it, but we have very different tastes in women.

11. I always lie and tell people that I masturbate far more than I do. I feel like it will seem like I don't "love myself" enough if I admit that I almost never masturbate. I find it terribly boring, even when I come.

12. I don't have a clue how many people I've kissed or fooled around with. Not even a slight clue. It's less than 100 but far more than 50.

13. I've had sex in the back of a truck behind a church, in a (busy) IHOP bathroom, driving through Detroit in rush hour traffic, in the back of a car parked on a busy street (under a street light), and in a bands recording studio. I still like fucking in bed with the lights off the most.

14. My old gyno once called me a slut. I never went back to her again.

15. I really hate porn, but I really wish that I liked it. I think (and hope) I just haven't found the right porn yet.

16. I ejaculate sometimes, but I don't know how to control it yet. I LOVE it when it happens.

17. Half of the women I've been with had never been with a woman before- and haven't since. One was a strict catholic, one was a virgin, and one decided that she only liked women that night. I love that fact.

18. I love being beaten up while fucking- but when that's the case I'm more into the pain than I am the sex. I can't get off from both at the same time.

19. Exercising until I'm in pain makes me really horny.

20. I love fucking in the shower because I feel like my partner is more inclined to be dirty and experimental. So am I.

21. I love the smell of sex. Sweat and cum and pussy all mixed together. I especially love it when my hands smell like another woman's pussy.

22. I still have this idea in my head of what sex should feel like, and it still isn't what it actually feels like. It's the way I imagined it when I was still a virgin- and I still wonder sometimes if it's even possible to feel that way.

23. I hate hearing other people having sex. Anyone at all. Yet I'm really, really loud sometimes, even when I know that people can hear me.

24. There is a woman who models for stock photography who looks almost identical to me. I really want to find her and fuck her, just to see what it would be like.

25. I finally stopped shaving my pubes for the first time in eight years, and I've never felt more sexy.