Sunday, March 8, 2009

1.I have only had sex with one man, and I plan to keep it that way. We had been together for 9 months when I lost my virginity to him.
2.I like performing sexual acts in places other than our bed. (Someone else's bed, a tent, a riverbank, a public restroom, a desk, living room floor, and a bar are the memories that come to mind first.)
3.I started masturbating when I was 10 years old. I always felt guilty about it. (I still associate sex with guilt sometimes.) I had a few-year-long period when I would masturbate at least once a day. I hardly ever do now.
4.I love being grabbed, spanked, scratched, pinned down, pushed around and told what to do.
5.I have tried anal sex, and it was okay. It was more of an emotional experience than a physical one. It wasn't so great that I would ask for it again.
6.I do love assplay though. Having a finger in my ass while having sex is a huge turn-on.
7.I had a boyfriend 8 years older than me who basically forced me to give him head multiple times. Our relationship wasn't exactly rosy... I hardly remember anything about him today, I've blocked him out.
8.Sometimes when I can't sleep I turn on the TV, and in the middle of the night there isn't usually anything much to watch besides porn. So I watch porn and masturbate to it. I orgasm almost every time.
9.I stare at girls more often than boys. I don't ever fantasize about anything sexual involving girls, though, nor have I ever had romantic feelings for a girl. I simply think they are aesthetically more pleasing than boys.
10.On New Year's Eve when I was 14, I went down on a (girl) friend, and she went down on me, too. It was bad. We were both drunk.
11.I have gotten sexual offers on the street from strangers many times. I wouldn't ever take them up on their offers, but they do make me smile to myself.
12.I have kissed with 9 people. 3 of those were girls.
13.Up until I was 10, we used to play sexual games with my friends. Mostly roleplay. Dry-humping, touching were everyday. I find it odd that I have never thought this was odd...
14.I love having sex in front of a mirror. I have always been jealous of boys because they usually see much more of what is happening down there during sex than girls do.
15.I have a bad habit of imagining what people look like during sex. By people I mean almost everyone I know. This sometimes becomes disturbing.
16.I love having sex right after waking up.
17.My sex drive depends on the amount of sex I get. If I get it often, my sex drive will skyrocket, if I get it rarely, it will conveniently turn itself off.
18.Sometimes just laying next to someone and feeling their chest rising and falling can be the sexiest thing.
19.My then-boyfriend shaved my pussy for the first time when I was 16. It was humiliating. I shave it ever since, though. I've had it completely bare, but I find that having a small triangle of hair is more appealing.
20.I hate completely shaved dicks, but I hate entirely hairy ones as well.
21.I would love to be able to do deep throat. I've tried and it never worked.
22.I love having sex when I'm drunk or stoned.
23.I love it when my partner makes me orgasm from oral and penetrates me right after. It makes me feel completely helpless and his, and it is also amazing physically.
24.The idea of bloodplay excites me. I've mentioned it to my boyfriend, but I've never been quite brave enough to initiate it.
25.I plan to try sex on coke in the near future. (I got wet just writing that.)