Tuesday, March 10, 2009

1.I'm 20, and lost my virginity shortly after I turned 17. Since then I've had sex with 19 men.
2.Only one of them has been able to make me come without any assistance on my part, and I'm so afraid that no other guy will ever be able to do it again.
3.Most of the time during sex, I get off by rubbing myself while I'm on top. The bad thing about this is that my orgasms are entirely clit-oriented, and if the guy is thrusting too hard at that point, I get distracted and can't come.
4.I masturbated all the way to orgasm for the first time when I was 12 or 13, in my bunk at summer camp. I had to be absolutely quiet, and I usually have to when I masturbate. It's hard for me to make a lot of noise during sex because I've trained myself to be quiet.
5.I lost my virginity in a ffm threesome. I've also been in a mmf threesome, and it was awesome. I definitely want to try one again. But not with someone I was going out with... that would just make it awkward.
6.I'd love to go to a sex party or swingers club or something... but I'm shy around people I don't know, and I'd probably feel really insecure about my body.
7.I get the urge to make out with a lot of people, but I rarely follow through. They'd probably assume I was going to have sex with them, and not be very happy campers if I just cut it off after making out with them for awhile. This happens more frequently when I'm drunk.
8.I wonder what it would be like to sleep with my friends, and a lot of people that I meet. It seems like a fun way to get to know more about people. I wish that I could have sex with people and not have it be a big deal, or be considered slutty... like, having comfortable enough relationships with with my friends were we could just... sleep together sometimes. But I know things re never that simple in real life.
9.I was raised around people in a lot of different lifestyles, and I have gay friends, I'm even in a GSA club.... but for some reason, I've always been deathly afraid that people would think I was a lesbian. I am attracted to women somewhat, there was even a time in high school when I thought I might be bi. I'm mostly straight... I can't really see myself in an actual relationship with a girl, or even going down on one, but I really like looking at hot girls, and making out with them can be fun. I'd call it a 1.5 on the Kinsey scale. Sometimes I'm afraid that a girl I have a a girl crush on will see me looking at her, and know what I'm really thinking...
10.I wish that we could have a society that was much more open about sex, with all the taboos and restrictions. I think we are way to prudish. Bring back the 60's please.
11.I've cheated on all of my serious boyfriends (there were three of them). They all happened not to long before we broke up. Feeling trapped, and stifled in the relationships was a major contributing factor... I never want to do something like that again. It's an awful thing to do to another person, even though none of them actually knew about it. I'm really interested in polyamorous relationships, because I think it fits with part of my personality more. It would also keep me from feeling trapped and like I was missing out on something. However, I don't know how well it would really work out in real life. For one thing, I don't know anyone else who would be interested in a relationship like that, and how do you even bring it up? Also, I don't know how I'd actually handle my partner sleeping with some one else. I need my freedom, but I can also be really insecure.
12.I'm good at being the aggressive one during sex, and I know how to take charge, but I really just want a guy to be rough and physical and have his way with me.
13.I love quickies... if I'm feeling it right, I can get off in the first ten minutes of sex. More than 20 minutes of actual thrusting just starts to kind of hurt, and either I've already gotten off, or I'm not going to and would rather stop.
14.The first boy I had a crush on was when I was 4. I've almost always had crushes on multiple people at once... usually at least 3 or 4. I don't get how someone can like just one person for an extended period of time.
15.All of my dolls and toys had VERY active sex lives. My Barbies had orgies and swinger parties... one time, three of the Barbies were under a blanket, “having sex” with three Ken dolls, and then I decided they should switch. So they just rotated!
16.Another time, in the back seat during car trip, I put two of my power ranger dolls down my pants , and I think actually into my vagina a little bit, and had them start kissing and making out. I was probably about 7... I was a weird kid.
17.Another time, a girl friend of mine and I got caught got caught in my bed exploring and playing doctor... my mom called her mom over and we got in trouble. I think that might be where my fear of being called a lesbian comes from.
18.I LOVE kissing. Making out can get me so hot... there have been one or two guys who, when I was kissing them, actually made me feel stoned. I want to feel that again... it's been a while.
19.I have kind of big boobs, and I like it when guys play with them, but they aren't that sensitive. When a guy is doing something, I can tell that it feels good, but I can't actually tell exactly what he's doing. I'm jealous of women who can almost come just from nipple play. I also feel a it self-conscious about my nipples because they aren't as perky as I'd like them to be.
20.There's a guy I really like right now, and I feel like he might like me too, but I'm scared because I don't know where it will go. Will I just get scared after a few months and wind up leaving him and hurting him? I hate thinking that's how it will end before it even starts. But even though I'm scared of the commitment part, I still really want that comfort and closeness with someone.
21.I don't know if I will ever be able to spend the rest of my life with one person... just thinking about it makes my stomach do flip-flops.
22.Like I have friends I want to make out with, I wish I could have friends who I could just invite to sleep over. Sleeping next to someone is such a nice feeling, and I miss it a lot. But it's weird to ask someone to sleep with you, but not sleep with you... also, knowing me, I might plan on just sleeping, but then get turned on and start doing stuff with them, only to regret it afterwards. I totally understand the phrase, “thinking with your penis”, I certainly know I've thought with my clit! And unfortunately made a stupid choice or two.
23.For some reason, when I was a kid, I was afraid a lot that one of my dad's friends would rape me, but as far as I can tell, these fears were completely unfounded. I've never been molested by anyone.
24.Being stoned heightens my sexual experiences. It makes me loosen up and focus only of the pleasure, as well as feel things more intensely. Some of the best sex of my life was after I'd smoked pot, as well as some of the best orgasms by myself.
25.I've had some amazing sex dreams... in fact I had one just last night. However, I've never had an orgasm during one. I always get infuriatingly close. It feels so good, and it builds up and up until I'm almost ready to come, but then right as I'm about to get there, it just goes away. I want to come in my sleep so much.