Friday, March 13, 2009

1. My first sexual experience: being molested by a neighbor when I was 11. At the time I didn't know it was wrong. We would lay on the floor and watch cartons together and he would finger me. I thought it felt good. He did more than fingering to my older sister and she told on him to my mom. After the police questioned him, he committed suicide. I started masturbating soon after.

2. I started having orgasms at the age of 12. I can remember humping my favorite teddy bear every night. I would also hide behind the couch and rub my clit while my family watched TV. I wonder if they knew what I was doing back there.

3. In middle school, I thought my large labia lips were from me masturbating so much. I was very self conscious about this. It wasn't until I showered with my best friend that I noticed hers were the same.

4. I lost my virginity to my high school sweetheart in the 9th grade. It was during a BIG party he had when his parents went away. We were in his bed and when we finished, I noticed his sheets were covered in blood. He knew he popped my cherry and handled it better than me. By the end of the night, everyone at the party knew what had happened. I think he threatened everybody at the party if he found out they gossiped about it. I never got teased. I don't regret it and still have a soft spot for him today. Thank god he lives 3,000 miles away!

5. I love watching men masturbate online. Hearing and seeing their orgasms makes me HOT!

6. I have an ongoing secret affair with a man I met online. He found my lost sexual soul and I'm thankful he's in my life. We've only met twice, but I never felt more comfortable with a man sexually than I did when I was with him. He embraced my inner slut like no other man has. I make videos of myself masturbating and send them to him. I share my most intimate moments with a man who is not my boyfriend. I don't think I will ever stop, even if I get caught.

7. I hate condoms, but after 4 pregnancies, I very rarely allow my boyfriend of 12 years to go bare back.

8. I always masturbate before I workout. It's the best way to get my heart rate going!

9. I love sex toys! If I was rich, I would buy them like some women buy shoes. I still have my very first vibrator even though it doesn't work anymore. I don't have the heart to throw it away.

10. After having an episiotomy, I would never try anal sex. I liked an occasional finger, but that was it. Now, 12 years later, I could kick myself in the ass for not trying it sooner! My first orgasm with anal penetration was pure heaven.

11. I have long intense orgasms when I'm stoned on weed or Xanax. I have a hard time reaching an orgasm if I drink alcohol.

12. I've never been with a women but I'm dying too! I know I could make another woman cum and I can't wait to try it!

13. I'm 35 and I feel I've only scratched the surface to my sexual curiosity. What will I get into next?

14. I masturbated in a busy rest stop parking lot once. We were on our way to the beach and we passed an adult novelty store. I begged for him to turn around and go back. The whole time I was looking, he rushed me to pick something out so we could leave. I felt like he was embarrassed to be seen in a dirty store. When we got back on the highway, he pulled into a rest stop and parked the car in a remote spot. I had no clue why we stopped until he revealed a raging hard on. I couldn't say no. I broke in the new toy I just bought while he watched.

15. Lube is a must for 'quickies' when there's no time to wait for my natural lube. It hurts when my dry lips get pinched during sex.

16. I like to secretly watch porn on my laptop while everyone is home. They think I'm reading or surfing the net but I'm really not. I wait till I get really wet and swollen then head to the bedroom to masturbate. I love to tease myself and it makes me cum fast. I do it all the time!

17. My most embarrassing moment was with my high school sweetheart. I was on the pill and he came inside me all time. I was on top riding him hard and I must of took in a lot of air. After we finished and he pulled out, I queeved the entire load onto his stomach. It was loud and messy and I had no idea what a queeve was at the time. I can laugh about it now. Hahahaha.

18. 1 out of 10 orgasms are with my boyfriend. The other 9 are when I masturbate.

19. I have a large collection of porn on my laptop. My secret online lover sends it to me and I won't ever share it with anyone.

20. I check out women more than I check out men.

21. When my boyfriend discovered the internet and all it's filth, he wanted to try web camming on an adult web site. He still doesn't know that I had already been doing it for months.

22. I hate it when I a man uses more than 2 fingers inside me while giving me head (unless the third is in my ass, then it's ok). They think the deeper inside, the better. All I want is my g-spot rubbed. Less is more sometimes.

23. Reading '25 Things About My Sexuality' blog makes me wet. I'm glad I'm not the only slut out there!

24. I like it when my boyfriends friends come to our house and catch me wearing a skimpy outfit or my bathing suit. They try their best not to look at my body but they do. I get right up in their face and talk eye to eye. I like watching them squirm, trying not to look down at my breasts. The next time we have sex, he talks dirty to me, telling me I'm a dirty slut for teasing his friends like that when I already know they want to fuck me. He likes watching me tease them as much as I like to doing it.

25. One time on vacation, my older sister asked to borrow my curling iron. Not thinking, I told her it was in my suitcase wrapped in towel because it was still a little hot from me using it. When she got into her room and unfolded the towel, she had grabbed my vibrator by mistake! Her boyfriend got excited thinking it was her vib. She couldn't believe I brought my vib on vacation and was kinda pissy that her bf couldn't stop talking about it. She has never owned one or tried one. She's 38. I'm getting her one on her next birthday. I'm glad they're not together anymore because he treated me different and it creeped me out.