Tuesday, March 10, 2009

1. I have an overactive sex-drive, and I've yet to find a man who can really keep up with me.

2. I started masturbating when I was 12, but I never had an orgasm until I was 19. I finally had my first orgasm when I stole my mom's personal massager.

3. When I was a teenager I often masturbated while looking at my dad's porn that I found hidden in the bathroom cabinet.

4. The guy I lost my virginity to was obsessed with anal sex. I tried it to please him, but I instantly loved it. I think I ended up loving it more than he does.

5. I haven't had sex in two months, and I'm getting so frustrated that I'm getting myself off at least once a day, some days up to 3 times. I've completely worn out two vibrators in the last couple months.

6. When I masturbate, I sometimes use three vibrators all at once -- one in my pussy, one in my ass, and one on my clit.

7. I spent hundreds of dollars on a fucking machine a few months ago, but it's not even good enough to get me off.

8. I hate condoms. I never use them. When I feel a man cumming inside me, I have amazing orgasms, so I always stop the guy from putting a condom on.

9. On my last birthday, I had sex with three guys at different times during the day. Two of them were complete strangers. The guys did not know about each other.

10. When I get close to having an orgasm, my pussy gets so tight and I squeeze the guy's dick so hard that I'm told I feel like a virgin. When it happens, the guy almost always cums right away.

11. I don't like receiving oral sex very much. I'd rather just get fucked. The only way I really enjoy being eaten out is when it's a 69.

12. I really enjoy watersports. I love having a guy pee on me. I even tasted it once. He had been drinking and it tasted like watered down beer. Never tasted it again.

13. I love when a guy bites my neck and pulls my hair. The rougher the sex the better. I think that stems from being abused as a child. When I'm going at it with someone doggie style, I love having my back scratched very hard.

14. I love when a man lets me finger him in the ass. I don't really get any enjoyment out of the act itself, but I love watching them squirm. One guy even let me use a strap-on on him. I've talked to a few of his girlfriends he's had after me and he's tried to get all of them to use a strap-on on him and even told them all that I had used one. They all know me as the "girl who used a strap-on."

15. I get extremely turned on by having sex in public. I once had sex in an outside hotel pool while the guy's best friend was swimming around us naked and three old men were standing on the second floor of the hotel watching us.

16. I watch at least an hour of porn every day on the internet. Lately I've gotten into watching MMF videos. I love watching a girl getting fucked by a guy who's being fucked by another guy.

17. I've been with a guy and another girl at the same time but never been with two men at once. I'd love to see what double penetration feels like.

18. I'm starting to get afraid that I'm addicted to watching porn and using vibrators. I wonder if I can enjoy regular one-on-one sex like I used to.

19. My ex-husband got pissed off every time I masturbated, so he wouldn't let me have sex toys. One time I stole his vibrating tooth cleaner and used it in my car while I was driving to work. I also used to masturbate with my hairbrush when I was in the restroom so the ex-husband wouldn't know I was masturbating.

20. I am so loud while I'm having sex that I not only think, I KNOW, that my neighbors can hear me. I get so loud sometimes that my throat gets sore and I start coughing up a storm.

21. I once masturbated with a cucumber from my parents' fridge when I was a teenager. I wrapped it in plastic and washed it afterward just to be sure it was clean. Then my mom ate it the next day. I still feel guilty about it.

22. I like to get myself off while I'm on webcam and talking to guys from my hometown. I lead them on letting them think I'll go home and hook up with them, but I have no intention of ever doing it.

23. Last year I cheated on my now ex-husband with a former boyfriend. I went over to his parent's house where he was staying and we had sex in their guest room while his grandmother and his 5-year-old brother were in the next room. I let out a moan and he had to put his hand over my mouth to keep me quiet.

24. The ex-husband and I once had sex standing outside his pickup in the middle of the night at a local lake. There was another vehicle not very far away. We saw a little red light like one from a video camera. We kept going even though we thought we were getting filmed.

25. I kept some photos and videos in my online briefcase of my ex-husband that he had made for me while we were seperated for a while, and I've posted them online without his knowledge. I've gotten some really funny comments from people saying stuff about how small his dick is.