Friday, March 13, 2009

1. I lost my virginity to a boy who was my best friend. We were spending the night at a friend's house when it happened. It was pleasurable and wonderful, but there was no passion whatsoever. Afterwards, he got scared and dropped out of the real world for the following 3 years. I've never regretted it, though I have just recently forgiven him for it.

2. I started masturbating when I was in the 6th grade. I was always home alone after school for a few hours and used that time to read erotica and rub against pillows. Even years later, after discovering the joys of my fingers, I still get off the hardest from humping pillows and balled up blankets.

3. I've only had one one-night stand and halfway through I started bawling about my first love. I was drunk.

4. I've always fantasized about doing more than one man at the same time. Gangbangs and threesomes and double penetration turn me on, but I'm not too keen on something in my ass at the moment and more importantly, I'm so in love with my boyfriend that I'm repulsed by the idea of anyone else inside of me.

5. Despite not being up for anal play (that all may change; I can't say for certain) and my relatively strict and Catholic upbringing, I consider myself to be pretty kinky. I love feeling hands around my neck, being scratched, bitten, tied up, the feel of latex, corsets, ball gags, being teased and punished. It's only getting more alluring as time passes.

6. The summer before my senior year in high school, my two best male friends held me down and played with me after I was drunk off gin. We didn't have sex, but to this day I still feel completely violated.

7. The boy I lost my virginity to first fingered me after he dropped me off at home one night. He thought I was asleep when I was actually feigning and enjoying every minute of it.

8. I've only made love once, completely spontaneously, and it was the most passionate, raw, intense thing I've ever felt. I enjoy it more than hard fucking but don't want to wear it out.

9. While I don't regret losing my virginity under those circumstances, I'm glad I waited for my current boyfriend to be my first to make love to.

10. My current boyfriend is the only one who's ever made me cum.

11. I love having a cock in my mouth (see below) and I've never spit.

12. Seeing a man in pleasure gets me off harder than any physical stimulation. I love feeling them squirm and watch them wriggle. I love the way their faces scrunch when they're about to come. I like having a cock in my mouth and watching them get off.

13. I noticed from an early age that men would stare at my chest. Most of these men have no arousing qualities but I still like to make them stare and get nervous. I'm a terrible flirt.

14. I hit puberty earlier than everyone else I knew and by the 7th grade fit a C cup. It was terribly embarrassing at the time but not at a 36 D I love my body more than ever. I'm by no means a twig, but I think I'm proportional for such a small girl with huge boobs. I used to be self-conscious about them but now they're one of my favorite parts of my body!

15. I found my mom's sex toys and porn in middle school. It bothered me immensely at the time because her boyfriend isn't up to par and on top of that, he's incredibly hairy.

16. On my boyfriend's and my "first date" he ended up tied to a playground fence at midnight, and beaten with a leather belt by my friend and I. She noticed we had clicked earlier and left us to be together. We were both concerned that it was a wrong foot to start off on but neither of us regret it.

17. While he was tied to the fence, my friend had the belt and I popped up between his chest and the link fence to kiss him. He has since deemed me the best kisser he's ever had and says it was the single most hottest and sensual thing he's ever experienced. I apparently reminded him of a slave girl of a mistress who was trying desperately to take care of him.

18. I love when a guy curls up on my chest. It's the softest and sweetest gesture.

19. The first thing I did when I turned 18 was visit the sex shop where I bought a ball gag/mask, handcuffs, a riding crop and vibrator. I was told by the clerk "You wasted no time, did you?"

20. I love the sensation of not being able to see your lover. It heightens my other senses and makes it more erotic.

21. Despite loving having my riding crop in hand and making my lover beg for it, I love being held down, punished and talked dirty to. I haven't decided which I like better -- being dominated or dominating.

22. For my birthday, my boyfriend took me to buy latex nurse boots. I have a terrible nurse fetish. He enjoy feeling the latex rub up and down his skin.

23. I've been on birth control only with my current boyfriend. Every other time and partner have been strictly condoms only, but I can't stand using them anymore. I love the feel of skin on skin and it makes it so much more erotic. I want to feel him coming inside of me (the thought alone sends me over the edge), but until he can feel comfortable with it, it won't happen. However, the closest thing has been equally hot: he pulled out and came on my pussy.

24. The two men I've been truly sexually involved with, one my current boyfriend, have had fetishes of being completely dominated and humiliated. They both want to be peed on and I would love to explore this, I'm just never sure how to initiate this.

25. I find the hollow of the back to be the sexiest place on another human being.