Saturday, February 28, 2009

01 i didn't tell the guy to whom i lost my virginity (at 18) that it was the first time until three days later. the sex was just okay; he was a little too much like a jackhammer for my taste.
02 i've been fucked by three different guys in the same dorm bathroom shower stall (spaced out over a few months).
03 i'm fixated on ass. specifically, my own. the guys i get with tend to be ass men, which is convenient!
04 i'm intrigued by bdsm in a passive way. i spent a few months involved with a spaniard who liked to be scratched all over and told he was a naughty boy, but i bite my fingernails, so it didn't work out so well.
05 when i'm not in a relationship, i masturbate almost every day. when i'm involved with someone, i wait for sex, because it makes orgasms easier and better.
06 i've had the best sex i've ever had high as a kite. it makes attention to detail shoot through the roof, and orgasms are earth-shattering.
07 i give very, very good head.
08 there are very few things i've refused to try upon request; taking a load in the face is one of them.
09 actually, i always have to stop porn before it gets to the money shot; it completely turns me off to see cum on someone's face.
10 ass-to-mouth is another hard no, and also an immediate turn-off in porn.
11 i got with a girl earlier this year, but it turned out i was more turned on by the idea of a woman being into me than actually having sex with her.
12 i've gotten off to gay (man-on-man) porn before; i generally only have the urge to do this when i come home drunk and horny.
13 i own a huge butt plug from a previous relationship, but i don't know that i'll ever use it again. even though i have no qualms about letting a guy fuck me in the ass, i still get shy when it comes to admitting i own a toy.
14 sex with the spaniard was very so-so, but having to learn a whole new set of vocabulary in spanish was sexy as hell.
15 i would really love to get with a guy with a shaved head. it seems absurdly hot.
16 i used to love having my hair pulled while getting fucked from behind, but then i cut it quite short and it's not as easy. that's pretty much the only thing i miss about long hair.
17 there are pictures floating out there of a 17-year-old me posing naked for my own camera. i sent them to my at-the-time boyfriend. i still kind of cringe when i think about them.
18 i've squirted a few times, but i've gotta tell you, it's not all it's cracked up to be. it makes a total mess, you don't know that you're doing it at the time, and the orgasm is -completely- different, i guess because it's vaginal instead of clitoral. i strongly prefer clitoral (plus they're much easier).
19 over the summer i had sex just once with a good friend of mine from high school. we had always shared a kind of unspoken mutual attraction; it's really sad to me that it culminated in one afternoon of mediocre fucking. i think we were both hungover.
20 my favorite thing that i've been called during sex is a "tiger." i'm not a furry, i swear - coming from the right person, it was a huge compliment.
21 when i was first teaching myself to masturbate, i would always put on the postal service CD, give up. it was because a cute guy described it to me as "sex for your ears." i still can't listen to that album without getting at least a little bit horny.
22 i shaved all of my pubic hair once just to see, and ever since then i've been doing it regularly. it was all aesthetic until i got involved with someone this past december who knew how to eat pussy - then it makes a huuuuge difference.
23 i think guys who are really into tits are kind of childish.
24 after deflowering one, i think i am going to refuse to be with any more virgins. no thanks.
25 i would love to do a guy in the ass with a big ole strap-on, but what i really want is for him to want it so bad he brings it up with me.