Wednesday, February 25, 2009

1. currently, i have a boyfriend. and a girlfriend who also has a boyfriend.
2. i'm submissive.
3. my earliest memory was rubbing against my stuffed duck during "nap time" until i came. sometimes i'd use pillows or bundled up blankets too.
4. i always wonder if shaving or trimming my pubes matters to guys with beards when they go down on me.
5. when i was 18, i was butt raped by an abusive ex-boyfriend. now i get off on the fantasy. i don't know why.
6. the best way to spend lonely, rainy afternoons is to get myself on the brink of orgasm over and over until, hours later, i finally decide i've tortured myself enough; then my orgasm has the potential to make me pass out.
7. i've had sex with fourteen men and two women.
8. having sex with those two women allowed me to get over my disdain of my cunt. i used plead with guys not to go down on me, but after experiencing how lovely it is to eat girls out, i've been much better.
9. the sight of a huge dick turns me on, but i actually prefer small to medium sized ones.
10. a guy once proposed back-of-the-knee sex. we never got around to it, but i was absolutely fascinated with the idea.
11. when i was 17, i had an orgy with two guys and two other girls. it was so much fun, everyone simply playing unselfishly and enjoying one another.
12. eye contact during sex freaks me out, which is why doggy style is my favorite.
13. the best lover i had was 23 years older than me and had a three-inch cock at best.
14. i love talking about sex and learning how other people experience it--their beliefs, emotions, fears...
15. erotic asphyxiation is such a turn on to me, but most lovers say that's weird so i never bring it up. i think it looks funny when i choke myself.
16. i think threesomes are overrated. i've had four, only one of which was remotely sexy. in my opinion, you can't really plan them, one party usually ends up emotionally hurt, and unless everyone's chill about the whole thing, it can make friendships really awkward.
17. i have five vibrators, a dildo, a few bullets and a butt plug. i'm saving up for a ball gag.
18. i think "bad in bed" is a relative term. sure, there are some people who are really lazy or inexperienced, but i think "bad in bed" is often used as a substitute to "not what i like." kissing technique is the same. you can memorize all the tips you want, but if you don't feel chemistry and compatibility, it doesn't work. of all the people i've kissed, i've only enjoyed it with three or four of them.
19. if i wasn't so afraid of STDs, i'd have sex with just about everyone.
20. some of the best sex i've had was with people i'd never see again. alternatively, some of the worst sex i've had was with people i'd never see again.
21. guys with glasses turn me on, because in order to fool around, they usually have to take off their glasses first, which makes them sort of vulnerable.
22. one time, i left in the middle of a blow job. i thought the guy would be more fun in bed, but after an hour, my jaw was sore and i was bored. so while he was getting something from another room, i put on my panties and ran out the door. and drove away. we're still friends though.
23. spanking, being tied up, dirty talk and toys are all turn ons. kissing during sex, long intimate gazes and spooning are not.
24. a big fantasy is to be double penetrated, but i think this is going to have to stay in fantasy realm because anal hurts just too damn much.
25. another one is to see my boyfriend getting head from another guy. i'd never ask this of him, but sometimes i wish there were more bi boys out there.