Thursday, February 26, 2009

1. I’ve only had sex with one person.

2. I don’t recall the date I lost my virginity, but I can recall the general week during the month it occurred.

3. The above consistently seems to shock the friends of mine who are aware of my sexual history.

4. 2 doesn’t shock me; the only thing I remember about my first time is the condom breaking and the fact that I quite enjoyed the sex.

5. I have had to use Plan B three times and have taken a pregnancy test once; hopefully, that won’t occur again anytime soon.

6. I fear that because I gained a lot of weight as a result of laziness and a bad breakup, I will never have sex again.

7. I also fear that the stretch marks I have will never make me attractive to a man again; even though I actually find them kind of attractive...well, not attractive, but interesting?

8. I watch porn a lot. And I read a lot of erotica. I’ve been doing this since I was 12.

9. I don’t remember the first time I masturbated, I do know however that it’s a regular part of my daily routine.

10. I fantasize about receiving and giving oral sex to a female, but can’t actually imagine having sex with nor dating a female.

11. I like it when things get a little bit rough – ie. holding down my arms while I’m getting fucked, getting pushed onto the bed...I’m open to learning more.

12. I’m 20. And I fear that my one sexual partner will be my last. I desperately need to get over my hang-ups.

13. I played doctor with a family friend’s daughter when I was a child. Afterwards, I played doctor with my younger sister. I fear that I scarred my sister for a life and I try and block out this memory; I feel like I ruined her.

14. I enjoy reading both incestuous and lesbian erotica. I only like brother-sister, father-daughter, or sister-sister porn however. Lesbian porn can go anywhere.

15. I desperately want to learn how to squirt, because I think it’s unbelievably sexy....however I fear the mess it would make.

16. Bestiality, to me, is like a car accident: I cannot look away though I am completely and utterly disturbed.

17. I was raised Roman Catholic. I feel that if I ever get around to marrying a Catholic, my sexual side will freak him out.

18. I sometimes want to tell random people things about myself, including things about my sexual history. I’m more comfortable divulging my secrets to strangers than I am to my friends.

19. Sometimes I wonder if I was molested...but I can’t recall if I ever was.

20. When I was 8 years old, I had a birthday party and a boy attending the party asked me to have sex with him. We were playing house. I said ‘no’.

21. The hottest I have ever felt was when my then-boyfriend at the time literally ripped the belt loops off my pants because I was making him that hard. It was an amazing feeling of power. That’s also why I like to tease.

22. I hate giving oral sex and handjobs; I feel like I am too slow and I think it’s boring, plus your arm always gets tired. I don’t mind being part of the finish however; swallowing has never been an issue.

23. I don’t mind hair down there. If it means no waxing or shaving for me, I am all for it. I chalk this up to laziness on my part, rather than a ‘preference’.

24. I’d love to have sex (and even a relationship) with a few male friends in my life. I’m too afraid of rejection to say anything however.

25. I fear that my 25 things about my sexuality are too tame and that it's always going to be like this. I tend to worry too much for my own good obviously.