Thursday, February 26, 2009

1. Although I became sexually active at 17, I didn’t have my first orgasm until I was 20. I didn’t have an orgasm during sex until I was 21.

2. I had my first orgasm masturbating to a cheesy pulp paperback. The scene that got me off involved two women having sex in the shower.

3. Before that, when I was a kid, I used to masturbate by sticking hairbrush handles and the arms of Ken dolls (?!) in my vagina. I didn’t know about the clit though, so I never had an orgasm.

4. My first sex dream was that I had a little man that I could put in my pants and carry around with me.

5. I had my first orgasm during sex by rubbing my clit while my boyfriend at the time fucked me from behind. Afterwards I completely collapsed and started crying. It was an amazing release to finally have an orgasm with a partner, both physically and emotionally.

6. I’ve had around 40 male sex partners. I fantasize about girls sometimes when I masturbate, but I’ve never actually slept with one.

7. I’m open to the idea of having sex with a girl, and imagine I would probably enjoy it. But I’ve never felt that “pull” to a woman that I’ve felt for men, so I would be surprised if a woman could pique my interest for more that an occasional fling.

8. The only time I had group sex was when I was in high school. We never switched partners though, because my boyfriend and the other girl were first cousins and we thought that was too weird. He did end up masturbating with her feet, though.

9. The best sex of my life was with the man I ended up marrying. We’re divorced now.

10. The vast majority of my long-term relationships have been with men with very large penises. I guess it kind of loosened me up because now it’s nearly impossible for a man to pound me hard enough for it to hurt. He can bang away at my cervix all night and I love it. For this, my current boyfriend calls me “Size Queen.”

11. For months after I separated from my now ex-husband I was completely asexual. Then I took a trip to the southwest and at one point ended up going to a concert, getting drunk, and picking up a tall, beautiful, long-haired, hispanic metalhead. After three days of delicious debauchery with my “Mayan God” I rediscovered my love for men and my lust for life.

12. When I was in my early 20s I was seduced by a bigwig in my professional field while at a meeting. He was 20 years my senior and married with kids. I resisted his advances for awhile but he was attractive and I was curious. When we went back to his hotel room he went down on me and gave me one of the best orgasms of my life.

13. I once dated a professional wrestler. He was the first man with whom I explored BDSM.

14. Giving blowjobs turns me on. I always swallow.

15. I love the sounds men make when they come. I like hearing men who are otherwise pretty quiet during sex let go in gasps and moans and shivers.

16. My favorite sex act right now is to be choked with a belt while my partner fucks me and looks me in the eyes.

17. I consider myself a switch. I enjoy being submissive, and I enjoy pain as part of the sex act. But one of my most memorable sexual experiences was sticking my tongue in a man’s ass and giving him a handjob with massage oil. He was absolutely in my control, screaming in ecstasy, and I loved it.

18. I like big, hairy men with long hair and beards. Men who shave their body hair, and especially their pubes, are a big turnoff for me.

19. That said, my current boyfriend was the first to convince me to shave my pussy. Now I love it and find it very erotic to be bare down there.

20. My first crushes were on Captain Caveman and Godzilla. Maybe that explains my taste in men now that I’m an adult.

21. I’m very open with my friends about my sex life, even the more fringe, perverted aspects. I don’t try to shock them with gory details, I just think sex is fun and so is talking about it.

22. My current boyfriend’s mom and brother live in the apartment below his. I’m pretty loud during sex, so my boyfriend started doubling up one of his leather belts and putting it in my mouth while we’re fucking just to muffle the noise a bit. I’ve put some very deep teeth marks in that belt, and I like to have him wear it when we go out.

23. I used to have some of the typical girl body image issues, and then I started getting tattoos. Now I have full sleeves, a backpiece and a chestpiece and every time I look at myself naked in the mirror I am enormously pleased at how beautiful my intricately decorated body looks.

24. One of my longest-held, unfulfilled fantasies is to fuck a guy with a strap-on. The last guy I dated told me he was into it but we broke up before we were able to do it. Now I’m starting to think that I’ll never get the opportunity because it seems like all guys my age (30s) have ass issues (hemorrhoids, irritable bowel, etc.), so they just don’t want to go there.

25. I got my tubes tied when I was 30. It’s wonderful to not have to worry about unplanned pregnancy anymore, and I think that this is the best decision regarding my sexual health that I have ever made.