Saturday, February 28, 2009

1. I've had sex with three guys.

2. I never had sex with any of them more than once. I hate this fact. Sometimes I don't care but usually I think it's pretty humiliating.

3. Compared to most college kids I have ridiculous amounts of self-control (or I'm just picky) but when I go home to my super-conservative family I'm a dirty whore. I find this very confusing sometimes.

4. I lost my virginity to an exboyfriend a week before i turned 17. We were both really drunk and I wouldn't let him finish because it hurt so bad. The next day when he found out I was a virgin he claimed we didn't have sex, maybe because I stopped him, maybe because I asked if he used a condom and we hadn't, maybe he thought I wouldn't remember. He then apologised profusely for everything else we did. He destroyed my self-esteem and made me feel absolutely horrible about myself for a very long time.

5. I've never orgasmed for anyone but him.

6. I tell people I've had sex with four guys because of the "second" guy. I dated him for a month or two and ended it, it wasn't working out. Somehow things worked better for us when he had a girlfriend, who didn't know about me. He had the biggest dick I've ever seen, and i was scared to have sex with him. When I finally agreed, his dick fell out and were having a hard time getting it back in. He told me the condom "felt weird" and he didn't want to try anymore. This completely destroyed my self-esteem (again) and is why i lie about it. I've never told anyone this because I'm still embarrassed.

7. Two of the three times I've had sex a mutual male friend of ours was in the room.

8. I've never had sex sober although I was sober for the 6 incident.

9. I've only dated guys with larger than average dicks, and I've never seen their dicks before we started dating.

10. I've kissed less than ten guys.

11. I can get turned on just lying next to a guy I'm attracted to. I find it hard to keep my hands off. I'm just an extremely touchy-feely person.

12. I've had crushes on girls, but have never been sexually attracted to them. I doubt I'd ever even kiss a girl.

13. I have absolutely no preference or "type" I am attracted to. Skin, eye, hair colours, body shape and clothing style generally don't matter to me as long as it works for that person.

14. I am, however, most attracted to blue-collar guys. And guys that drink a lot and do drugs.

15. Bad personality (inconsiderate, disrespectful, malicious, egotistical etc) is probably the biggest turn-off for me.

16. Tattoos are the biggest turn-on.

17. Porn flicks are unappealing to me and generally gross me out. Even kissing scenes in movies make me uncomfortable.

18. I fantasize about threesomes with male 'best friends' but I probably won't act on it.

19. I could never date someone that I wasn't sexually compatible with and firmly believe that sex is one of the most important parts of the relationship.

20. I have no position preference but I love to be pushed around and commanded what to do.

21. I'll have nothing to do with anything anal. It's just not for me.

22. The most turned on I've been was when I was at my boyfriend-of-the-time's house drinking with him and his friends. While I was leaving the bathroom he surprised me and shoved me back in, against the wall and started fingering me until we got caught. His friend, that I was super attracted to, jokingly asked to join and I sometimes wish I'd said yes.

23. I wish I could figure out how to tell guys I'm with that I like to be pushed around and called names. I worry about coming off as a creep if they're not into it.

24. I talk very perverted. When something surprising and bad/painful happens(I run into something and hurt myself, die in a video game, etc) I have a tendency to yell 'fuck me sideways!' or 'fuck my ass!' without thinking and it usually makes for a really awkward situation. I was very sheltered and didn't learn about sex until I was in the public school system as a freshman in high school. I'm pretty positive that's why I'm a giant pervert now.

25. I think it's obscenely rude when other girls (or guys) ask about a guy's dick size or 'how good they were.' I can't bring myself to put a guy down like that so I'll lie if the truth isn't positive.