Thursday, February 26, 2009

1. My boyfriend has the tendency to look really innocent and virginal.
2. He's a sex maniac.
3. I lost my virginity when I was 14 to a boy who was 19, in the passenger seat of his car in a parking lot after saying "no" 7 or 8 times.
4. Because of that, every boy I dated until about my junior year in high school, I'd either freak out and refuse to kiss them all together, or freak out and agree to have sex within hours of meeting them.
5. The only uncircumcised penis I've ever had belonged to my drug-dealing, asshole ex-boyfriend.
6. He got me pregnant.
7. Before my current boyfriend, sex to me was something you just had to take. I would lay down wherever I was at the time and just wait for the guy to finish. There wasn't a single time where I didn't wish they would come early so I wouldn't have to put up with it for a long time.
8. Now, I enjoy it so much, my boyfriend and I will have sex anywhere at anytime.
9. He's the first guy I've had sex with who tries to please ME. The fact that he comes and loves it is what he calls, "a bonus."
10. I've had more sex with my friends as "hookups" than I've had with my ex-boyfriends.
11. I'm six people's "best" lays.
12. I like being tied-up, gagged, blind-folded, and dominated.
13. But I also like tying up, gagging, blind-folding and dominating. I like variety and spontaneity.
14. I think girls who spit are just being prissy. There's never so much you can't handle it, and all you have to do is gulp and you're done. It's not like the taste is ever THAT bad.
15. I'm incredibly tight. When I have a lot of sex (even with lube), I bleed a little and hurt so much I can't walk for a few hours.
16. My boyfriend is the only person who's ever made me feel completely beautiful when I'm naked. And I've been naked in front of a lot more people than I'm proud of.
17. I've only liked 3 of the guys I've ever had sex with.
18. I've had sex with 9 guys. But I always feel like I'm forgetting someone. So, 10 to be safe.
19. I've kissed more than three times that number, though, and that includes girls.
20. I love sucking on and playing with balls.
21. I like playing with my boyfriend's flaccid penis.
22. Dirty talk turns me way on. Because I'm in a long distance relationship, we make it a habit to have phone sex as often as possible.
23. I wish all kisses were first kisses.
24. I love dry humping. I have a higher tendency to orgasm when I'm being dry humped than when I'm just being fucked.
25. ...I've never told anybody that.