Saturday, February 28, 2009

1. I often fantasize about having sex with people I'm not even attracted to.
2. One of my ex-boyfriends once almost bit my left nipple off. It took 3 weeks to heal.
3. I've tried every single position in the kama sutra. My favorite position is still doggy, but it's really hard to choose between all the positions.
4. I've faked every single one of my orgasms. I can only orgasm when I masturbate. Despite this, I love sex, even without the big-o's.
5. The first time I masturbated I was in kindergarten, and I got caught by the teachers. I've been doing it very often since I was a little girl, till present day.
6. I am extremely turned on by the idea of anal sex and double penetration, but it's too painful for me to do it in real life. The few times I did have it, I couldn't sit for a week.
7. I'm extremely turned on by spanking, being dominated, and tied up. I love feeling vulnerable.
8. I've had fantasies about girls but I don't think I can ever have sex with females.
9. The sight of huge dicks turns me on, but I prefer regular sized ones. I had to break up with a boyfriend because his dick was too big and hurting me.
10. I've had sex with 14 people, all of them men. I lost count of how many dicks I've sucked.
11. I've walked out mid-sex on two people because I just wasn't turned on anymore.
12. When I was little, I thought I was going to be a virgin forever. I lost my virginity at 17 and I havent lasted more than a month or so since then without sex.
13. Before I graduated, I had sex in every single room I had class in. I have a fetish for public sex.
14. I like the idea of being watched during sex, but am too shy to actually do it.
15. I think I would look terrible during sex, and have therefore refused all requests to make tapes.
16. I don't actually enjoy guys going down on me. I always wonder if I taste terrible, even if they love it and tell me I taste great.
17. I love going down on men. I love seeing them cum and swallowing them. But I can't imagine going down on women.
18. In first year college I made a vow to not sleep with more than a set number of people. But realizing that I like sex way too much, I started recycling my partners and finding fuck buddies.
19. I once slept with 3 people within 24 hours.
20. I have a rape fantasy where I'm captured and brutally raped while someone is watching.
21. I do not own any sex toys. Though I'm seriously considering buying one now because I'm in a serious but long distance relationship. Recently I've been using vegetables.
22. I love being titty fucked and choked at the same time.
23. Someone once blackmailed me into having sex with him because he threatened to tell my then-boyfriend I cheated on him with some guy.
24. I was raped, twice. I'm not too traumatized by it though, for some reason. But no, I definitely did not enjoy the experiences.
25. The most times I've had sex is 11 times a day.