Saturday, February 28, 2009

1.When I was a Senior in High school I started my first serious relationship, with a girl. I had dated males previously, and I had never felt so passionately about another person or enjoyed sexual acts with them before her. She and the girls she was sleeping with at the same time she was with me have ensured that I will most likely not be dating a woman again anytime soon.

2.My next relationship was with a man who would whine and pester incessantly if I didn't feel like having sex, until I would at the very least give him head. Sometimes he would start trying to have sex, and I would be unresponsive as a polite "not interested" message. He would just keep going. I would let him.He would finish and roll over and fall asleep. After living with him for two years, I woke up and saw this for what it was: coercion and rape. When I broke up with him he cried and said, "But you're my lover!"

3.I've posed for nude photos twice, both with amateur photographers. The second time I got paid. I like the feeling of getting money for doing exhibitionist things in a private setting.

4.The best thing I have ever done for sex was this: I fed my partner two staminaRX, and tied his pelvis and cock to his hands shibari style. Then I blindfolded him and put plugs in his ears. He wasn't allowed to say anything or react to my advances until I told him he could.Then I teased him for a while and made him ask to lick my twat. When I finally untied his hands and let him fuck me, I had the best orgasm I have ever had. There is nothing better than feeling like I own this guy's soul.

5.I love offering to give head. I love swallowing come. I can get myself so worked up while giving head that I think I'll orgasm. However if someone tries to make me or asks when I don't feel like it, I become enraged.(probably due to #2)

6.I swore i would never shave my pussy. But when I started seeing my current boyfriend he often talked about how much he preferred it. I finally gave in, and I have no idea how I ever enjoyed sex before.

7. When I was 12or13 I would masturbate so often that I was afraid I had an addiction. I was also afraid I was going to hell because of it. I would masturbate in the bathroom, lying on the floor atop a towel. My parents thought I was bulimic.

8.In high school I used to cut and burn myself. It gave me an adrenaline rush and made me feel safe. I never fully enjoyed sex on all levels as much as when I met another switch and had my first BDSM experiences.

9. I tend to equate sex and love. If I enjoy having sex with someone enough, I will probably end up falling in love with them,they own my heart,and I will do anything for them,and that will last until I feel that they've betrayed me in some way, at which point it abruptly stops.

10.My ultimate sexual fantasy is to be dehumanized by my partner and used at their leisure.I love the idea of being someones adored plaything.

11.I've always been curious about Incubii. I wonder what it be like to get fucked by a demon.

12.I'm a little afraid that my current partner's taste for CBT has made ball crushing manoeuvres so habitual that in my next relationship I'll end up hurting some guy.

13.I slept with a 28 year old right after I turned 20.

14.After I broke up with the guy from #2 I slept with someone the night after. It wasn't the guy he accused me of cheating on him with, who I slept with the next night. The best part? I never slept with anyone but his raping self the whole two years I was with him.

15.I love sex. I don't care for masturbating. It makes me feel pathetic.Like, If I want sex, I should be able to go and get it from someone.Why should I have to do that myself?

16.Cutting my partner and drinking his blood is some of my favorite other favorite is tying up his penis and testicles and licking and biting them until he's gasping.

17.My nipples are my top non groin erogenous zone. For some reason I always date assmen who don't even think to stimulate them. The thing is, tit torture would have me in a pathetic ball of need quicker than anything else.

18.Every time my boyfriend penetrates me vaginally, I feel like I'm having this huge emotional upheaval of shear joy. I've never got that feeling from anyone but him.

19. I hang out mostly with men, and I tend to talk about sex and sexuality excessively. Sometimes I think they enjoy this as much as I enjoy thinking I'm teasing them, but I'm beginning to think they resent it usually.

20.My need for sex is so driving for me that I sometimes find that it gets in the way of my responsibilities in life. Because I'm having sex or trying to have sex, instead of doing what I need to do.

21.I love watching myself get fucked in a mirror.

22.My entire health regimen is centered around my optimal vaginal health/attractiveness.

23.I only drink coffee in emergency caffeine needed situations because it makes my twat stink.

24.I consume giant tubs of yogurt in order to make sure that I never have a candida outbreak, because it would keep me from having sex.

25. If I am ever a day late on my period I immediately begin drinking copious amounts of strongly brewed mugwort tea to kick out whatever could be potentially taking root in my womb. I refuse to be impregnated. I would rather get pushed down some stairs.