Friday, February 27, 2009

1. I love sex. I would have it every day, several times a day if I could.

2. I lost my virginity at 15 with my boyfriend at the time, on my mate's bed at a party.

3. In the 5yrs that I have been sexually active I have slept with 35 guys and 6 girls.

4. I am bisexual, and prefer girls.

5. I want to have a girlfriend. I'm afraid of what my family would think of me, but more afraid of trying to find a girlfriend.

6. I was raped twice in the last 5yrs. I still think its my fault, and I am only now seeking counseling for it. The main reason I'm getting counseling isn't for the rape, it's because I can't afford to pay for a counselor for my depression, however the rape still affects me.

7. I have had sex with complete strangers for money because it turns me on, and I feel sexy when people want to pay for sex for me.

8. One guy paid me $500 for an hour and a half because I'm so amazing in bed and so hot.

9. My current boyfriend has a low sex drive and only wants sex once or twice a fortnight. This makes me feel ugly, useless in bed and sexually frustrated. I'm afraid that one day I'm going to cheat on him because I need more sex. I have told him all of this except for the cheating part.

10. I had sex with a 46yr old guy when I was 19.

11. I would love to be in an orgy.

12. I love threesomes but I haven't had a mmf one.

13. I want to have 3 guys fucking me at once.

14. I fantasize about forced sex. This worries me because of the rape.

15. I once had 3 fuck buddies on the go when I got out of a long term relationship and wasn't ready for another one so soon.

16. For a year I had sex at least once a week even though I wasn't in a relationship. I believe all the sex kept me in shape.

17. I often think about becoming an escort. It would be the perfect job for me.

18. I love my boobs. They are DD/E and I am only 5'2 and quite small so they look massive.

19. I think the best sex is with someone you really like.

20. I once had 20+ orgasms one night. My boyfriend gave me oral sex for over an hour. I was very sore after.

21. I am always up for sex.

22. I jump into bed with a lot of guys far too soon. I don't really care.

23. I don't care if people think I'm a slut for sleeping with so many guys. If I was a guy I would be a legend.

24. I would try anything sexually except bestiality.

25. The biggest penis I've ever had was 10 inches.