Friday, February 27, 2009

1. I have slept with three people

2. I slept with all three of those people at once, only one of whom I still regularly sleep with (I think the other two are interested though)

3. Ill people really turn me on

4. I don't know if I have ever had an orgasm, sex feels nice but climaxing is never as nice as has been described to me and it's often difficult to achieve

5. The first time I kissed and fondled a boy there were three people watching intently

6. The first time a girl kissed me I ran away to another country. I've gotten over this fear, and now prefer kissing girls to boys

7. I find most porn degrading but yet have run a number of porn sites in the past and felt happy every time money came in

8. Getting asked if I want any business by a prostitute makes me feel good though I would never say yes

9. Getting asked if I am in business makes me feel even better, and it has been tempting to say yes

10. I love playing with asses, and like mine being penetrated, but don't want full anal sex

11. I made a pact with myself years ago to never sleep with a monogamous person, and have regretted it several times

12. Being given oral sex scares me, yet I would love to get over that fear

13. I tend to treat people I fancy very badly because I get all nervous around them so keep my distance

14. I really want a strapon so I can fuck people without them thinking I'm enjoying it

15. For the two people I most want to sleep with, I know when their times of the month are better than them

16. I love the sound most people make when enjoying their bodies

17. I like watching people I love sleeping

18. I play with said people in their sleep, but only if they've consented first

19. I get really embarrassed when people tease me about liking somebody and that tends to stop things going much further

20. My family think I am straight, when I told them about a same-sex partner they chose to hear it as opposite-sex partner

21. My mother thinks I am mostly asexual and once told her friends that she'd never have to worry whether to let me share a bed with somebody in her home. That, combined with her complaints about my sister sleeping around scarred me for a long time.

22. I had my first girlfriend at the age of 5 and my second at the age of 23

23. I love the idea of going to a sex party, but would probably never have the courage

24. I plan on coming out completely to my mother when I next see her, possibly by handing her the article I recently wrote about trans/queer issues

25. I'd love to spend next Christmas making out with my three best friends